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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I'm about to purchase a Ft0015a Bluetooth unit to install into my 08 Aurion. Anyone done this before? Anything I should be wary of? All help and tips appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, has anyone had issues installing these factory replacement, aftermarket head-units? https://oemaudio.co.nz/product/lumina-audio-toyota-camry-2006-2012-multi-media-unit-navigation-compatible-x/ I bought one, and despite using the factory bracket and mounting holes, it ended up with a gap between the top of the radio and the air vents: The company I'd bought it from maintains they've installed tons of these without an issue, so I'm thinking there was either something wrong with this particular one, or that they are drilling extra holes in the factory bracket when installing...not something you would think would be needed when installing something that is supposed to be made for this car. The rest of the stereo fit in well. I've seen heaps of similar ones on places like ebay and amazon, and some of the reviewers on those ones have had similar issues, but others have been fine so could just be a bad batch or poor quality control by whoever makes the actual hardware. I ended up getting my money back and got one of these instead: https://www.gtacarkits.com/product/toyota-camry-2007-2011-iphone-aux-kit/ Just wondering if anyone else has tried a similar thing and what they needed to do to get it to work?
  3. Hi guys, Badly need some help please... I have a 2010 model Rav4 with the stock head unit Fujitsu PZQ60-00052. I bought an aftermarket reversing camera and installed it myself all went well until I am about to connect it to the head unit as there is not video RCA connectivity just like on my aftermarket camera. I've been searching through google to find some information on where I can install it. I've seen one car before with exactly the same head unit and it has a reversing camera so I know mine is capable. Toyota service also acknowledge that it's possible but did not tell me which one. (I'm kinda expecting that)
  4. Hi again Folks It looks like I need to replace my '07 Camry Grande's head unit - don't get me wrong, it's awesome and has crystal clear audio during phone calls, which is tremendously important not only for my work, but when speaking to my mum who is (very) hearing impaired. FWIW it's far better than my wife's 2014 Hyundai ix35! BUT ... I need audio streaming for my work and I guess the model predates that capability, so it's time to consider options. Sadly, the amazing $1900 Pioneer unit that I fitted into my '03 Camry went with the car. Bummer. Anyway, I saw that there are aftermarket units that seamlessly fit into the Camry's opening so I wonder if anyone has fitted one of those here and how it performs. Alternatively, does anyone have one of those "FM" jiggers that plugs into the lighter socket and plays through the radio? Possibly that might be a fair alternative. Thoughts? Pics are of the two I have found online. Smaller one has disk capability. And one of the car in case people aren't familiar with the model.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone have experience installing an aftermarket head unit in a 2015+ Toyota Corolla Ascent Auto (ZRE182R)? I've recently had a sub and amp wired up to the factory head unit using the line out converter built into my amplifier but it sounds terrible. Attached is a photo of what the head unit looks like in my car. Do the factory units in these cars cut bass at higher volumes? Is the factory unit poor quality? I'm looking at installing a Kenwood DMX7017BTS (https://www.kenwood.eu/car/navigation_multimedia/multimedia/DMX7017BTS/) and also want to retain my factory steering controls, reverse camera and USB port. Hoping someone out there has managed to get an aftermarket head unit put in so I can get some advice/feedback on whether it's worth the $1,000+ investment. Thanks!
  6. Hi just bought a 95 vienta sedan and want to put a new headunit in but as I’ve gone to do it none of the wires seem to be matching up. It has become very confusing and frustrating. I would very much appreciate a guide for the colour code of the wires. P.s. I have done many headunits in other cars but none have been as confusing and strange as this.
  7. Hello Everyone, I have an automatic 2000 Toyota RAV4 Edge and I'm trying to figure out exactly what type of factory stereo I have in my car. I've found a couple of different types of stereos that can go with my RAV4, on this website, but none of them matches how mine looks like. Which is like this: I intend to research what options I may have for installing an AUX input socket at a later stage, but for now, I'd want to know exactly what my setup looks like. Does anyone have the same type of stereo in their car? If so, have you been able to identify them and/or have you happened to take a photo of their back? :) Cheers, Istvan UPDATE: Sorry for the 90 degrees rotated photo. TinyPic did this for some reason. It wasn't like that on my computer.
  8. Hi guys, I have a toyota aurion atx 09 model after 3 years of owning the vehicle, cds and listening to the radio just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I've been reading all over the net about adapter kits. there's a few on eBay etc just unsure need more info. I'm looking to install an auxiliary / ipod connection + charging/ and bluetooth for music play back* and hands-free calls. to plug into the the back of the head unit..Pn 86120-06351. I'm not very tech savy but I've already seen another members post on here Shane_85s aux mod. he makes an aux adapter from Jay car parts. I don't want to upgrade the head unit either. basically I wanted some info from others who have done the same thing. here's some links of what I'm looking at just unsure. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009L4ITMC/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A236UT9Z5WDWZA http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/291619233288 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121646590164 http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-AUX-iPhone-iPod-Factory-Radio-Adaptor-for-Camry-Aurion-Corolla-Rav-4-/151468382802?hash=item2344381a52%3Ag%3AZ2oAAOSw~gRVs4K9 cheers
  9. Hi guys, My beloved 1996 Vienta (XV10 style/w 3VZ-FE) has finally succumbed to the minor head gasket issue it had by suddenly becoming a big head gasket issue - now.. this thread isn't about that, this thread is about a project to re-use the stereo out of it as a standalone audio player for parties/get-togethers/Drive-thru movies etc.. Whatever I decide to use it for. I did a LOT of online crawling/searching and just couldn't find a model of Fujitsu Ten similar to mine and BOY does it sound incredibly good for the vintage (20 years)! This is coming from a guy whos other vehicle (FG Falcon) has a custom 550W RMS sound system. I'm not entirely sure what kind of RMS wattage it was originally designed for, but it sounds like it might be 150-200W RMS-ish, it does have a six stacker CD player in the boot with cassette-style loading similar to an LS400 (if not the same). I've already got a wiring diagram for the connectors (Bar CD player which doesn't read the CD's so it's being omitted sadly, might add one to it later) - the cassette player is also a bit strange and has trouble playing tapes, it likes to autoflip constantly. Thankfully, I have a Bluetooth Radio transmitter for my music and there are lots of compatible antennas for sale at Autobarn. The thing will have two options for power, 12V AGM battery or AC/DC inverter for those "extended" listening sessions, I'm planning on jumping into JB HiFi or Autobarn/Supercheap to get some speakers from the bargain bin just for now. The wiring loom is available on Ebay and I have the diagrams for other Toyota models but the plugs it has are the same. The battery for now will be my 12V 21ah spare which is part of my solar project, it should power this thing for at least one hour at an assumed 220W draw at peak volume (I think), generally it will probably be between 1/5-2/5 of max volume. Will keep you all posted. Edit: Forgot to mention, I kinda want to mount it all into a storage bin/container of some sort, you can pick them up really cheap and they seem easy to insulate. I was thinking of wood but I just don't have the tools for it. Pics:
  10. Hi folks I am looking to improve a few things on a 2013 Kluger Altitude. First issue is to get the rear entertainment system playing through the speakers. The result may just be plug in Bluetooth or FM transmitter but I would prefer it directly through the head unit. Second is to get the rear camera to play through the head unit, Not the teeny screen above. It is my understanding that it is possible, just depends on how easy (and cheap) it turns out to be. In regards to all of this, what is the wiring in a Kluger like. Are wires/cables etc installed in the factory and then not used for certain models or AU cars? I read somewhere that the AUX wiring for the rear entertainment unit is already there through the passenger A pillar??? is it a myth? I know that getting the rear camera working involves having the "reverse switch" activated. I checked mine through the head unit and it doesn't appear to be activated. Again is the wiring there just not used? Thanks for any advice you may have. Waps
  11. Hi, I'm in the process of purchasing a 2014 Aurion ZR6 and I understand that they have a 10 speaker JBL sound system. I was wondering if anyone knows the specs? Sub size and wattage etc? Apologies if this has already been asked, I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. Cheers
  12. Hi all, So I have read quite a few forums here and there and tried to ascertain what choices others have made in relation to upgrading the terrible stock stereo Toyota supply in their base models (extremely old considering how basic it is, but what's cheap is cheap). I bought my Camry at 24,000km as an ex-executive a year ago and am quite fond of it for its price range, but moving down from a Premium-model XT Forester has got me in a pickle as to the head unit, as I desire something a little more advanced. Most of the forums I have found have listed a few cheaper units here and there (i.e. chinese imports) that people have been happy with but haven't really put in much feedback later on with how they lasted, etc. However I'm probably looking at something more trustworthy. Can anyone suggest any suitable units they have used in their cars or have any information about what will fit into the current fascia if possible (as I haven't found really any info)? TIA!
  13. Hi all. I've got a 2010 Cruiser Ute. I've encountered an issue with the standard Stereo/Radio. When I shut the engine off, the radio stays on for a period before turning off, even after the key is removed and ute locked. I first noticed the issue when I adjusted the clock on the radio. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi All, have gotten some handy info off this board already. Live in remote WA so it's been really useful for me. Have recently purchased an 01 Hilux, dualcab, 3L diesel. Happy with it for sure, but a bit of work to be done and living so far from civilisation means I'm doing it myself. First thing I'm tackling is a short. The 15A dome fuse blows after 2-3 seconds of popping in a new one. Unfortunately I've run out of fuses and have to wait for my box of 50 and multimeter to come with the postie which might be a while yet. Pulled off the dash panels to see if it was anything obvious and one thing has stuck out. The previous owner has installed an aftermarket stereo (aftermarket immobiliser and spotties too, but they're both working fine) and run a wire which I don't entirely understand. Basically they've crimped in a thickish wire (3-4mm), black outer with red inner, on to the blue-yellow at 1J - 12, just below the junction. This wire runs over to the stereo and has been soldered into a 3-way connection with the stereo's yellow 12v constant + blue/yellow from the wiring harness. I got my diagrams from hilux4x4.co.za/manual if anyone is interested. I'm not really sure what this is for, but they have also cut the wire and left it hanging so that the 3-way connection is still there, just the black with red is hanging loose. Have taped it off, it still popped a fuse though. Any idea what this wire is for? Should I remove it given it's just hanging? Suggestions on good place to look for the short? Cheers, Bowzzzer
  15. Hey guys, I'm a new member here. I thought I'd join after I purchased a new 2013 SR5 Hilux from my local Toyota dealership. I'm looking to get opinions and thoughts after it was broken into after owning it for less than a month. I live in a quiet suburb in Sydney and bought from my local Toyota Dealership. For two weeks I was up and down from Brisbane so it lined up perfectly with my first service (serviced at the dealership). I got it serviced during the week and had it parked in the driveway each night since then. I woke up on Monday morning to go to work and found the back window smashed in with the center console (no scratches) placed on the seat with the Stereo removed. No wires were cut as this was an extremely professional job. I rang the Police and the Dealership immediately and while the Police were no help I found out there were 5 2013 Hilux's returned to the dealership (after servicing) with the same issue. I was told there was a 4-5 week wait and the Stereos were shipped in. Apparently this is happening Sydney-wide and I want to confirm that with other Hilux lovers first. While my garage sports my wifes' Toyota Corolla, I may have to start parking in there. Do you guys have any suggestions and/or experienced similar? Cheers, Mark.
  16. Hey everyone. I recently just found this page due to buying my aurion last week and decided to join.. So turns out the guy i bought it off took out their amplifier and now i'm left with no sound inside my car. It already had an off market stereo thing from kenwood and i was just wondering if someone could PLEASSSEE tell me how to connect this back to my original speakers in the car and also possibly the buttons on my steering wheel. I'm a girl (have no idea about cars lol) and this is my first car owned and i have absolutely no idea what i am doing.. And don't want to get it professionally done because of the $$$ If someone could give me some sort of instructions it would be appreciated so much. And yes i will have help off others who know a little emote about cars once i have the right information!! The cables are under my seat, lots of them *so confused*
  17. So i've got a shiny new headunit to upgrade what i currently have my my car the new one has an orange/white wire in the harness i believe its supposed to dim the lights on the headunit when you turn your headlights on. I have a 2000 Corolla and i'm not sure if i have somewhere or where i should connect this orange/white wire just wondering if anyone might have any ideas? Here is a picture of the wire i'm talking about in the wiring diagram.
  18. Hi all, Like it says, easy one, I hope. The stock stereo in my '13 KX-R returns back to the beginning of the USB thumbdrive each time the car is turned off. I was wondering if this is normal? It remembers where its up to on a CD, mp3 or otherwise, but not on a USB. PITA having to navigate through multiple folders each time you start the engine. The stereo will go eventually, but I'll put up with it for a while. I asked the dealer, and "they all do that, sir". Anybody else got the same thing? Cheers.
  19. Heya folks, I have a 1998 Prado, A friend gave me the stereo out of a 200 series landcruiser model PZQ60, anyone know if the newer head unit is compatable to the older car? Thanks
  20. I'm about to purchase a 2011 Toyota Camry ASV50R Atara SX and am wondering if anyone has any experience with the stereo in these with spotify over bluetooth? Questions I have are as follows: -Do the steering wheel controls work to change songs? -Does album art, song data etc come across to the dash display? -Whats the quality like? -Any issues people are having? I have a Samsung Galaxy S III, which I have tested with the stock music app, calling, contacts and all works fine. Was unable to test Spotify at the time. Thanks all!
  21. Hello all, I would like to upgrade the speakers in my Jan 07 Sportivo. I can see there's 6x9s in the rear but not sure whats in the front... Does anyone know what size speakers are in the doors/dash? Cheers
  22. I am looking at getting this Head unit to put into Corolla 2002. Has anyone put one of these into there car. If they are ok or can someone tell me what is a good chinese all in one head unit. http://au.xtrons.com...yer-TD602G.html
  23. Hi all, been stalking the forums for quite a while. looking to replace the current headunit in my ATX with something thats a bit better, Bluetooth, rear cam etc.. been heavily invested in the other topic about the ebay units from easydeals etc but i think im going to be leaning more towards buying a double din brand named (JVC, Alpine etc) HU and install it that way. has any one else got any pictures / info on what they have done to their HU?? im keen on ideas and what looks good and still has steering wheel functionality... ^_^

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