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  1. Hey everyone, I have a 2004 Corolla Ascent Wagon ZZE122R 220,000ks, and was looking at it's possible to life the suspension as I do a fair bit of driving out in the sticks where an couple of inches of extra clearance would be appreciated. If not, is it possible to get stiffer rear suspension as under load it tends to get fairly low. Would either of these options be possible? Cheers, Hugh
  2. I finally fixed a frustrating issue with my 2003 Corolla Sportivo. After looking at all the suspension components including the replacing of lower control arm, sway-bar, and S/B link bushings and checking nuts and bolts for tightness and rebuilding the struts I was able to trouble shoot a ongoing noise issue I could not resolve. When going over cement or choppy road surfaces there would be a noise from the right front of the car. Something loose, for a while I convinced myself it was the tyres making the sound. The car had no steering vibration or brake vibration. On asphalt no
  3. Hi there, I just bought a lux from a dealership 2nd hand and it has a lift or body kit. Does anyone know how to measure or find out the body lift as the dealership didnt have that information ??? Thanks, Harrison
  4. The before and after shots. It's on SportsRyder springs.
  5. Hi there. I have a 2016 Toyota Kluger (or Highlander as they are here in NZ). Im wanting to find a solution to reduce wallowing and improve handling. Has anyone managed to achieve this on the current model Kluger (Highlander)?
  6. Hi everyone,When driving over speed bumps at slow speed the front suspension makes a loud squeaking, almost creaking noise. The sound is similar to opening the creaky door of your garden shed! It doesn't affect the handling/function of the car but is very annoying/embarrassing.Hoping it may solve the problem, I have replaced both front struts - they were 100% worn out so time and money not wasted, however this has made no difference to the creaking noise. Both springs and lower/upper rubber insulators were in good condition with no corrosion/deterioration so these can all be ruled out as the c
  7. I recently found a set of BC Racing coilovers for my 95 VCV10 Vienta, and long story short my car was driven up a considerably steep curb (rear right wheel). Now about a week after this incident, my rear right wheel almost constantly scrubs when cornering, and appears to be sitting a solid 3/4 of an inch lower than the other 3 wheels. I'm wondering if maybe the coilover could have blown? Or maybe bent. I had to raise the rear right to make the car driveable again, but any information I could get would be amazing thank you.
  8. Hey guys and girls, just in the last week my sway bar end link on the drivers/right side has started to hit the bump stop kinda thing, i have not been in an accident or hit any gutters, i am running bc racing coilovers, just want to know if anyones had the same problem or might know what's suddenly causing this annoying problem. Thanks David
  9. Item: Near New Pedders Shocks and Springs for GSV40R, will also fit similar model Camry as listed on the Pedders website. Location:Sydney Item Condition: Used - Near New. Reason for Selling: Bought them Near new as replacement for my Aurion but now planning to go down a different route. Price and Payment conditions: $500 Cheap as Chips for its Condition. I have used them for less than 500km. Shipping: Can ship at buyers expense Pictures: KING SPRINGS for lowering the Aurion GSV40R Used, for less than 3000km. Cheap at $150 for a full set of front and rear. Contact Details: PM
  10. are there still active members here? a quick quesiton has anyone used nolathane bushes as i plan to purchase them for the rear of my sportivo rather than ordering energy suspension ones from overseas. about $70 from aus vs about $150 shipped from overseas is this the right part? kit looks different compared to energy suspension nolathane 46290: http://www.nolathane.com.au/product_detail.php?part_number=46290 energy suspension 83121: http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=8.3121 thanks
  11. Hey all, I got me a Zre182r. Looked and found coilovers, bc racing z1 series part number c-116-vm. Looking for a place to get them installed, that way if it ******s out its there fault and not mine. Anyone know of any places that does a good cheap at a fair price? Option1 garage are doing a special where you buy coils from them $1199 and get install and allignment for $350 Anyone know anyone who can beat that? Let me know, thanks heaps peeps peace
  12. Hi guys. I have a 2013 corolla ascent sport and looking to mod it. Atm I have White led Parker and license plate lights. Removed the ascent sport badge. Near finished plasti dipping the external chrome trimming black. Sunraysia 16x7 with falken 225/50/16 Also have a kicker sub and amp wired to stock touch screen media player player. HID Kit coming soon. Looking for simple performance mods. Id love some advice on what breathing parts to get. Obviously headers, high flow cat and cai. But need suggestions on brand and pricing. ALSO id love some coilovers but once again, need help on brand
  13. From the album: Toyota Estima 2005

    Tanabe coilover adjustable suspension
  14. Hi guys new here, I just bought a 2014 79 series ute and lifted it. I'm looking to get rid of the stock suspension, that I did about 60ks on. Does any one have an idea of what it's worth? Cheers
  15. hey i am from isreal, just bought 3 month ago 2004 hilux (2.5 diesel) i just noticed i don't have any front coil springs, is it normal or that the previous owner might have removed them for some reason? i also plan on changing the suspension to old man emu, does anyone have any recomandations ? thanks shahar
  16. Hi all. I just bought myself a 1993 4 door Hilux 4WD. I absolutely love it but it's a dog awful ride. It's got a 2" suspension lift. I feel every bump on every road and bounce along like a yo yo. It also has no body roll and funny enough corners better than our Prado. Is this normal? Can anything be done to soften the ride? New shokies perhaps? Also my font seat is too low. I know this is normal but I feel like a little kid peering over my steering wheel. Anyone know of another seat that's higher AND more comfortable that will bolt in? I'd love to hear from you. Phil ^_^
  17. Sup guys I just bought a camry sportivo 07, done 80k km atm, but the suspension was really hard, I almost can feeling everything on the road, is that normal? its make my wife feel like sitting on a boat.... also, the car need to do a balance, coz when the speed over 120km/h the hand wheel shaking crazy, and when I turn left/right I can feel a little shake just like the message come to a mobile(same condition when I acc/breaking), is that the problem from? need someone told me it is a big problem or just fine. really need answer asap*-* btw I was go for some mechanic, they told me need to
  18. Hi ppl, Up for sale are: 1. DGR Coilovers: $800ono (SOLD) (Used approx 8,000km) Original price $1,099.00 Description - 30 way adjustable shock, full height adjustable, 7k Front - 8K Rear Spring. This is a pic of what they look like to give you a rough idea. Can't take a photo of the actual ones yet as they are still sitting on the car. Will get them out as soon as I have the time. 2. K-Mac Rear Sway Bar $250 (Noticeable handling improvement) A combination of both items on your corolla will make it handle exceptionally well. -If postage required, we can work out something
  19. Wanting to purchase lowered springs for my o5 toyota camry sportivo asap if u have some or know of someone that has some for cheap let me know im in QLD so can pick up..
  20. G'day all, Up for sale are my stock parts that fit HATCHBACK (and SEDANS in some cases) corollas years 07-09 (pre-facelift & facelift in some cases). All the below parts were on my ascent 2008 zre-152. Please remember all parts are GENUINE OEM from factory. Parts and prices i'm looking for are as follows (ONO APPLIES - any reasonable offer won't be refused!): 1. Ascent spoiler in perfect condition (factory painted in black mica 209): $80 2. Stock airbox with tube & screws & stock panel filter: $80 (2 of the screw holes have been worn out because of the screws twisting into t
  21. Hi all, I recently replaced my tyres and found from Tyrepower and Pedders that my shocks are soft and lacking control and that my Radius Rod bushes are worn and cracked. I am required to replace my shock absorbers in my car and have been researching on what brands to get. I have not been able to find any particular model numbers on the forums regarding this. If anyone has replaced there shocks for a 2003 model with KYB's Monroe's etc can you please provide me with the model numbers so I can confirm I am looking for the right parts. I have the following already if anyone can confirm. KYB Front
  22. Just a question, dunno if anyone has done this before, but would Camry springs fit into an Aurion? Reason being I've found a set of Pedders Low's for a Camry, just not sure whether theres any difference in the struts between the Aurions and Camrys. Has anyone tried this?
  23. Okay, so I've been driving my newly acquired '96 Vienta Csi and I'm ready to take it to the next level. My main gripe with the car is that the ride is too soft for my liking. It's comfortable going over potholes and bumpy roads, but when I do quick turns and cornering, it feel like an oil tanker. After forum hopping for a while, it seems that a front strut beam and rear sway bar would make a difference at a lower price point. After doing a little digging and visiting autobarn down in chaddy this afternoon, i realised that Whiteline does not make a front strut beam for the '96 Vienta because th
  24. Hello all! I'm new to tocau but have slowly been browsing and using faq and pinned topics at leisure :P But I'll get to the point. I'm looking to lower my rolla soon and i'm in need for some feedback on places to go to get it done. I personally can't do it myself, purely cause of the lack of tools and knowledge :( oh and also time! I'm based in Melbourne and would prefer places around western, northern and cbd. Atm by baby is stock, except for some 17x7 Rays SS7 from fellow tocau member and mate, Jeffery! :D I was told south melbourne pedders and north melbourne tyre power but would like
  25. I'm looking to replace the shocks and springs in my 2008 Kluger Grande, however I'm strugglingto find an after market supplier who has listed replacements. So far I've checked Monroe, Pedders, Bilstein and Koni with no success! Does anyone know a strut/shock manafacturer that provides replacement compenents? I would have thought that having had the newer model on the market for the last 4yrs or so this wouldn't have been such a problem, but it appears I'm mistaken. Cheers

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