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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum. The fascia where the buttons to set time and the passenger seat belt warning in my Tarago 2008 GLI is broken. I have attached a photo I've searched online and Wreckers (in Perth) to find one but i couldn't. Could you please help me to find the part? Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Hi Team, Just wanting to shed some light on the 1990-2000 model TCR10 tarago keyless entry and chip key, information doesn't seem to be readily available. Looking at purchasing a 99 tcr10 but only has 1 genuine key, which looks like it has an immobilizer chip in the key fob, Are they easy to replace? Only saw one guy selling a generic Toyota "97-02" key with unprogrammed chips on ebay for $40, are these the same for all Toyota keys of the same era? The other thing is the keyless entry remote, there is alarm and security light, but it never turns on according to the current owner. Haven't found any luck with this, did some searching but doesn't seem to have much if any info the the remote. Anyone got a picture of one or part number? easy to program? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have a 1998 Toyota Estima Toyota - grey market Japanese import. Some people call them the “wombat” due to the round front headlights. I’m chasing a towbar, the one for the Australian TCR10 doesn’t fit, the chassis rails are 60mm out. Anybody know a good Aus source, new or second hand/aftermarket? Maybe New Zealand? Looks like I can get one out of the UK but the postage will sting I’m sure... Thanks in anticipation, cheers S
  4. Hi, i just purchased a 2006 tarago van for conversion. initially i want to completely remove the back seats and stick in a matress for camping. I would like to sell/get rid of the seats as i dont have room to store them. once i do this will i have problems with registration in january? I did a search on the rms website, but the points they referred to, my modifications didnt seem to be a problem, but before i ditch the seats i thought id seek advice. i am in nsw on the central coast near gosford.
  5. Howdy all! David here from suburban Perth, WA. We imported a couple of cars last year: 2006 GSR50W Estima Aeras G. 2GR-FE V6 and a large selection of G options (11 speaker sound, dual power doors, etc) 2007 Mark X Zio. Kind of like a fat, 6 seat leather Corolla with a 2GR-FE. On the same platform as the RAV4. We also imported a couple of Estimas for my mother at the same time. 2007 Aeras Special Edition and 2010 Black Aeras Leather Edition. We look forward to being a part of the community here! David.
  6. Item: 2010 Toyota Estima Aeras Leather Edition (Black on Black) Location: Manning, WA, 6152 Website: Carsales Item Condition: Used Reason for Selling: Imported two on behalf of my Mother with the view to selling one of them. Price and Payment conditions: $26,500 Any additional information: ~26,000km (Export Cert supplied). English owner's manual provided. Black leather interior. 11 speaker sound system. Guiding reverse camera. Both rear doors remote powered. Heated front seats. Airbags everywhere. Traction control. Vehicle Stability Control. Brake Force Distribution. Factory 18" wheels. Factory Aeras bodykit. Dual zone climate control. Excellent condition (Grade 5 at auction). *Note that the Head Unit is G-Book from Japan and FM radio frequencies are not the same as locally. There are ways around this.* Really a very nice car! Shipping: Not willing to organise shipping on behalf of potential customer. Contact Details: David. daver at inorbit dot com, please refer to Carsales ad for phone number, or reply here!
  7. Hi fellow Toyotians. I'm currently looking to purchase a nudge or bull bar for my 1995 Tarago. Just wondering if anyone may be selling one or knows of someone who is? Failing that, the most cost effective and trustworthy place to buy one/have one installed. I'm located in inner western Sydney.
  8. Hi again everyone. This morning whilst on a drive I realised that my tarago no longer goes into 5th gear. Yesterday it drove beautifully but today when I put it in 5th it's like it's in neutral, doesn't even stall when stopped. I'm really hoping someone can confirm my suspicion that the gearbox has an internal selector pin for each gear and that I won't need to replace the gearbox?
  9. So saw this and had to stop for this photo :P anyone got something similar?
  10. Hey guys and gals, My name is Dan, I own a van, oh look I rhymed, that wasn't the plan... I'll stop :P I recently bought this beautiful beast and have always had toyota cars. Only vehicle I've owned that wasn't was a Honda spada 250cc. Would love to catch up with people,I'm currently restoring the exterior (not completely but I'll do my best) I'll probably ask for a lot of help but I'll probably provide a fair amount as well. See ya on the boards!! Dan Man with a Van
  11. Hi All, I have a 2010 Tarago and the brake lights on one side don't come on. They are in a cluster of LEDs that come on when the headlights are turned on, just brighter when the brakes are pressed. These are the ones that are on the main body of the vehicle, as opposed to the boot. Incidentally, this seems to be the same side that the towbar wiring has been spliced into. I'm just wondering what could be the issue and whether this has to go back to Toyota to fix or can I just replace a fuse (or probably an expensive black box) to get them working again for a rego check. The LEDs come on when the headlights are turned on, but don't go brighter (like the other side does) when the brake is pressed. I've had a look at fuses that I can find in the foot area on the driver and passenger sides, but the labels are a little cryptic so I'm just guessing which ones to check. I'm about to pull every one out and individually check them all. Does anyone have any clues on what to check??? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi. I noticed when in drive and stopped at lights etc, as soon as I put my foot on the brake pedal, the idle revs bottom out, come back up to around 7-800rpm & my van isles crappy, vibrates so low in revs that's it's almost at stalling point. Mechanic code tested it & nothing came up. Installed brand new leads & NGK spark plugs yet it's still doing it. Happens in reverse and drive only. No other gear & cruises along perfectly on straight roads and up hills. I can't figure out what's wrong. I've Already upped the idle revs via the idle screw and no difference. Many ideas please??
  13. Just bought my dads 1986 YR31 4wd Tarago from him and among other things it needs new oil seals in the power steering rack, Was wondering if anyone had any for sale? Or if any other Toyota seals would work in its place like from the YR20/22? Or from any other toyota.
  14. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am considering buying a 2000-2005 tarago. The claimed fuel economy for these vehicles is quite good. The details shown on Carsales show the fuel economy for 2000-2001 models to be 10 litres per 100k urban and 6.6 litres per 100k extra urban. The later models, 2004 etc are shown with what seems to be more realistic 10.5litres per 100k combined. Can any of you tarago owners give me some real world feedback as to the economy you get? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. I just bought a second hand Tarago from a big dealer in Perth. The paperwork lists it as "Toyota Tarago ACR30R GLi 2.4L 4Cyl". (It has a 6 cylinder engine, so I am guessing this is not entirely accurate.) The import tag on the vehicle lists it as "Toyota Estima Campervan". It is definitely not a campervan (normal seats inside), but I am guessing it is some kind of Estima? I just had a bunch of questions, and any input or answers would be greatly appreciated. (Or links to pages that might explain some of this would be great. I can probably find most of the answers myself, but my first few days of web searches did not result in very much at all, perahaps because it is an import model?) The vehicle has central locking, but no remote was provided. I am hoping to install a remote. I thought there may actually be a remote module already in the car and that I may just need to buy a new remote and pair it? I found these connectors beneath the steering wheel. Are they related? Could anyone point me to the wiring manuals or where I could get them? (I am not experienced at doing such things, but I am good at slowly reading things through and working them out.) There is this camera or sensor at the rear. Can anyone shed any light on what it is? At first I thought this box under the passenger seat was a cd changer, but it has "Toyota Navigation Computer" and a bunch of various computer connectors on the rear (none of them connected). I am guessing it is an old GPS unit or equivalent. A toll card reader is installed... The stereo is brand new...I'm guessing the Japanese ones don't work here. This strange device is fitted to the rear-vision mirror.The only markings on it state "Super Cat me-3". I thought it might be a radar detector, as it shouts "Be careful. Slow down" whenever I drive past shopping centres, but I can't find any kind of sensor on it (unless it is for the backing sensor?). The engine. Seems very new. Any comments appreciated. Finally, I know it is probably being paranoid, but should I, or do I need to check, that the vehicle is not affected by radiation? From browsing the net, opinions widely vary from "tin foil hat" to "some highly radioactive vehicles are no-doubt being slipped into out market". I'm old and not worried by dropping dead from such things, but I do have kids so I would rather be safe than sorry. Also, apologies if I have made any foo-bars or posted this topic incorrectly. I am not a big internet user and am not very used to such things. Much appreciated, Mike
  16. I recently received a call from a market research company offering $150 for an automotive group they are running for people that owned 2012+ models of taragos . It's gonna be held next weekend 27th, 28th at Moore Park. I didn't have the right kind of car but if you're interested and available call in with my name and I'll pick up a gift card. Thought it might be worth a try to mention it here. Their number is 07 3119 8003, just mention Thomas Burling. Cheers.
  17. Hi All looking to update my head unit with bluetooth etc The third plug on the head unit has these 3 wires - does anyone know the functions? I assume for the steering wheel remote control. but what is each one for
  18. Hi All looking to update my head unit with bluetooth etc The third plug on the head unit has these 3 wires - does anyone know the functions? I assume for the steering wheel remote control. but what is each one for
  19. Hi, I blew the radio, mirrors, cigarette lighter fuse and replaced it, all working again but while they all used to work with the ignition off, now they only work with it on. This is mainly annoying because my after-market radio now loses all its pre-sets whenever I turn the ignition off. What gives?

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