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Found 17 results

  1. Hi I have a 2015 3.0l hilux just bought with 215K on the clock. Engine has just been replaced by previous owner due to cracked piston. Transmission sounds like its had a hard life with syncro whine. There's this sloshing noise coming from the gearbox or area around the box sounding like oil swishing through an orifice. Really strange only does it once it's warmed up and really noticeable when downchanging from 4th to third or travelling at lower speeds shifting constantly. It's not AC ruled that out.
  2. Just wondering if it's okay to skip gears while driving the 2zz, for eg. 6th->4th, 4th->2nd, etc. OR 1st->3rd, 3rd->6th, etc. I tried it today this morning and accidentally went from 6th to 2nd but quickly managed to clutch-in at 6.5krpm. Does it wear synchros or clutch? Is it totally fine to do so? Or is it best not to skip gears at all?
  3. Hello, I have noticed that my Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport 2014 Manual is not down shifting easily like it used to. example: I leave for work in the morning and up shift my gears to 70 km/hr and travel about 1 km before needing to stop at a stop sign. When slowing the car down to stop, I gradually shift the gears down to help slow the vehicle. The gear lever is often reluctant to enter the lower gear, to the point at times my car needs to be stationary before I can enter into first. From 6th to 5th, and 5th to 4th is never an issue, however 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st is problematic. I have owned the car from new, It has done 115,000 km, Toyota replaced the transmission oil at the last service at my request. The issue seems to be more prevalent in the mornings when it's cold (0-10 degrees Celsius), Up shifting is excellent. The air conditioning compressor was replaced under warranty at 100,000 kms. I have spoken to a friend who said it may be the synchromesh, I hope this is not the case because i was expecting a manual corolla to be reliable. Cheers.
  4. I have a 2014 sr5 hilux 5sp automatic with a 3in exhaust, no chip & no snorkel. Cars done 90,000ks. Just got back from a trip from Perth to Exmouth WA and was having dramas changing into 5th gear. Basically I’d be driving in 5th going 110kph, overtake or go up a hill, drop into 4th, and when settling back to 110 the car wouldn’t go back into 5th gear. it held 4th gear at 3000rpm and the only way I could get it to change into 5th again was to pull over and turn the car on/off again and off I went until I needed to overtake again. Seemed to happen only once driving for 4+ hours at a time i have fitted a trans cooler and the have had the trans serviced and taken to Toyota and they have confirmed I have the latest transmission software. Any ideas ?? Problem was there before and after cooler/servicing etc
  5. Hi all I have a 2007 Aurion Sportivo, and got it serviced, I specified the trans oil should be genuine WS fluid but looking at the receipt they used Fuchs T4. I rang them and they said it was Fuchs equivalent and will be fine. This was 13,000km ago. Around 5000kms later a friend replaced the RF drive shaft to remedy a shudder, which it did. I got it back and went on holiday, and the CEL, VSC and traction control lights came on but it was driving fine so I figured I'd book it in when I got back. Made it home last night, my partner went to go to the shop this morning, and it lost drive a few kms down the road. Selects the gears but act as though it's in neutral, even in reverse and tiptronic. When I went to put it in park it made a bit of a graunching noise. I am thinking the transmission input shaft and wonder the link between the 2 repairs mentioned above...
  6. I am at a bit of a loss because I own a 88 hilux petrol 2wd model YN85R-TRKRSQ which says it came with a 2Y engine. But under the hood there is a 4Y on the top of the engine. My problem is that the speedo isn't working and the fuel gauge looks like it isn't in the right place. Now I have pulled the cluster and the back of the cluster was burnt so i got a new one that is the same. I installed it and taco still works and temp works but the fuel gauge is on a weird amount. The speedo still doesn't work. I pulled the speed sensor out of the gearbox and it has no wires attached to it. So my two questions are: Can I calibrate the fuel gauge? what is the wiring harness called that goes to the vss and where does it go? below are some pics any help identifying what the gearbox is would be super helpful as well. I'm not even sure if that cluster is the right one to be using.
  7. I bought the SR5 diesel 2012 model auto. I tow a camper trailer and am having some issues with trans. Now the manual says to tow in 3rd not overdrive. At 110km in overdrive revs at 2000rpm in 3rd it sits on 3000rpm. In overdrive it towed all the way from Adelaide to Queensland and not an issue, on the way back to Adelaide however it was fine until i got just out of Hay then we had some headwinds and trans dropped back to 3rd economy went out the window 3000rpm will do that hey. This is not the first time it happened, from Adelaide to Flinders ranges it did the same drop back to 3rd thing. Once again head winds. I told Toyota where i. Bought it from and told me that if i tow in 3rd fuel economy would be better????? I told them i was not happy and was told trans was going into protection mode . They said in next service they will check to see if there was an update in software, there was apparently???? And they did they did the update????. That weekend i went from Adelaide to Berrie fine on the way up once again on the way back trans did the whole 3rd thing. Now i bought the hilux top of the line for the reputation of being bullet proof and towing ability. To me towing at 110km at 3000rpm is not what i expected. Now after $55000 for the hilux and $10000 or more worth of extras im stuck with it. Toyota dont want to seem to know about it. Wondering if any one else has had this problem and if so how has it been overcome if it has or any other tips for me except for driving at 90kmh from adelaide to queensland its a massive drive made bigger. What about beefing up trans, is it possible?
  8. My Sportivo is jurkie between 5ks and 20ks when the car warms up. I noticed this when I was in heavy traffic. Is this normal for a car of its age? 209ks on the clock.
  9. HI all :) Looking to drain and replace filter in daughters Rav4 2004 ACA23R. However from what I can tell there are two filter options, one being square the other not. How can I tell, before I drain the Auto trans, which filter it has in it. I've had a look at the outside casing but nothing there to tell me which one. Thanks
  10. Hi again everyone. This morning whilst on a drive I realised that my tarago no longer goes into 5th gear. Yesterday it drove beautifully but today when I put it in 5th it's like it's in neutral, doesn't even stall when stopped. I'm really hoping someone can confirm my suspicion that the gearbox has an internal selector pin for each gear and that I won't need to replace the gearbox?
  11. Hey guys we recently purchased a nice 2007 Presara with 100K on it... i was on the highway and had just overtaken a few cars at a decent overtaking speed and upon coming back down some codes came up on the screen and I noticed smoke coming from the back. Pulled over straight away and shut it down...under the bonnet was covered in trans fluid that seemed to be fairly high up in the system. Would have lost a fair amount judging by the mess but it only seems to happen under high pressure (overtaking...) and my partner said that she had smelt the smell before after overtaking... Anyway towed it back to my mechanic mates and he said that it looks like it is coming out of the breather...anyway I have yet to get it diagnosed but I was wondering if anyone has heard of this happening?? Please let us know if this has happened to anyone to help with where we are to go from here as I DO NOT trust the auto specialist( for want of a better term) that is looking at it (don't have a choice in small town)... I know that I will probably be up for a newy or a bench fix but fingers crossed that it can be resolved... TIA :) Josh.
  12. For the last year I have noticed that when I engage D or R from neutral, there is a engage noise/soft clunk and one can feel it. Otherwise the box works perfectly. Does anyone know what this could be due to?
  13. Hi all - anyone with a Rav4 from 2001-2003 ever experienced problems with gears changing at random? This is a problem with the computer (ECU or ECM) that is sending the wrong message to the transmission and it changes into the wrong gear without warning. This is known as 'harsh shift' problem: http://www.rav4repair.com/documents/TSB0156.pdf If you have this problem, or had it, it is really important that you report it to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development ASAP: https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/complaints_recalls/form_submission.aspx They investigate products that have safety issues and will inform the ACCC if a recall is necessary. A recall will not happen unless there are reports of the product failure and safety concerns through the Department of Infrastructure. I am looking at the possibility of starting a class action for a recall because this is a factory fault that is putting Rav4 drivers in danger. It is well documented and well understood by Toyota. These are the most common symptoms: Erratic Shifting.Transmission slips in any gear, but mostly from second to third gear.Starting in 3rd gear and shifting erratically or not shifting at all.Hesitation when engaging in any of the gears.Rattling noise coming from the front area when the engine is running.The feeling of applying the brakes by it self in occasions.False solenoid codes; P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 and/or P1760.The codes above not always show (DTC codes). Sometimes it fails with no codes at all or no check engine light.Engages hard in reverse with a "bump" or takes time to engage.Symptoms are intermittent. Sometimes symptoms only show up when warm or when cold and sometimes symptoms do not show at all.One day it runs OK. All the symptoms magically disappear, but the next day, all or some of those symptoms are back.In many cases, fuel economy or gas mileage is lower than normal.This is a safety concern as the car can shift into a low gear without warning while you are driving at high speed or in heavy traffic. Because it is a gear change, break lights don't warn cars behind you that you are suddenly stopping or slowing down, putting you in a dangerous situation. I have also been stuck trying to cross traffic at an intersection and it has dropped into top gear and I cannot move across the intersection and out of the traffic. I have been in touch with the ACCC who are looking into the matter as there was a recall by Toyota in USA: http://www.rav4repair.com/documents/warranty.pdf If anyone is experiencing these problems or has had this fixed and you are interested in putting pressure on Toyota for a recall in Australia, please contact me. If this happens, the costs of your repairs could be reimbursed. Toyota_warranty policy bulletin.pdf
  14. Hey everyone, My 2007 Toyota Aurion is currently sitting at around 99,972kms. I've booked the 100,000km service next Saturday. I am slightly late for this service as the sticker informed me that I was due at around 98,125. I just wanted to have head's up on what parts may need replacing, and the estimated cost roughly. Last service, I got the following work done to my car: -Air Filter -Battery -Wheel alignment -Oil change The car get's treated well. I wash it once a week and regularly check fluid levels under the hood. However, we do park it on a fairly steep incline and when we change from park to reverse, there's a very loud and audible clunk. I was wondering if this would harm the transmission of the vehicle. Thanks!
  15. HI, Hoping someone can assist. I have a friend who has a 2003 V6 Estima auto, the transmission has failed and the local tranny repair guy is talking $6k to repair/replace, and he also needs a computer transmission chip, not even sure what that is... Does anyone know of a place to get s/h or reco trannys, we are in Tassie, but as I am in logistics, freight isnt a big deal. I would appreciate any help. John
  16. Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first topic, so I hope I have not broken the rules or have not done any thing wrong by posting this topic. My car is a Toyota Camry Altise 2009 and has done 77100 so far. It had done 73000 when I bought it and is doing 500km in average per month. last service was done 6 months ago at 74000km which was changing oil and filter as well as front brake pads. I took my car to Toyota north point for a general $99 service special yesterday and during the service was told that brake oil and transmission oil should be replaced costing me $400 in addition to $99 service charge. I did not accept as I knew Toyota dealers are usually expensive. I checked transmission oil today while car was parked and the engine off and the oil colour looks between red and light brown on my finger. Any idea regarding the actual price for changing fluids ? Thanks Roland
  17. Anyone have a guide on how to do so? are there any tricks or anything or do you just fill it up?

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