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Found 19 results

  1. Just received the turbo kits for a 2ZR Corolla from turbokits.com. This thread will cover my experiences in installing a turbo kit designed for USDM Corollas in my AUDM Corolla. The turbo kit I’ve purchased is designed for 2009+ Toyota Corollas with the 2ZR engine. Hopefully the information here can give you some insight into the US designed turbo kits for us Aussies. Primary focus for the installation will be for reliability as the car is my daily. Probably won’t be starting the installation for another month or two. The link for the turbo kit: https://www.turbokits.com/tk-corolla-2zr-turbo-kit.html The details for my car are as follows: 2010 Toyota Corolla Ascent Hatchback Facelift Manual (ZRE152R) with the 2ZR-FE engine. In Australia, they are branded as Corollas however, in most countries they are branded as an Auris. The base turbo kit will come with: - TKC designed T28 designed turbo - Turbo manifold - 3” stainless downpipe - 2”-2.5” aluminum charge piping - Front mount intercooler - Forge BOV - Stainless braided oil feed and return lines - Stainless braided water feed and return lines - Mounting brackets - Hardware I have also decided to option the following: - AEM FIC with base map and PnP harness - Thermal coating for the manifold, turbo and down pipe - 550cc injectors - 3” cold air intake - APR head stud kit The cost of the turbo kit, the listed options and shipping comes to 8556.20aud. The cost of importation (duty, gst, fees) comes to 1146.79aud. In total to have it at my front door, it cost me 9702.99aud. For intercooler and intercooler piping clearance, trimming around rad support is required. I have also decided to go with the AEM ECU as Grant from TKC confirmed that the PnP harness and base map will work with my car. Engine: Through the research I’ve conducted, I am aiming to run close to 8psi. The supercharged 2ZR Lotus Elise produces 162kw. Mighty Car Mods were able to produce 138kw atw with their turbo 2ZR Toyota Yaris. TKC recommend running between 6-8psi. I have decided to go with the latter. I did ask if they made metal head gaskets for the 2ZR however they don’t. TKC recommended the OEM head gasket which is multilayered steel suited for all power levels. I will also be installing an ARP head stud kit for extra security. I am fairly confident the engine will be capable of handling 8psi. Car will be driven abusively from time to time so hopefully everything holds up. Will also be running a boost tee. The manifold, turbo and down pipe have been thermal coated Transmission: My car is manual. Gearbox code is EC60. I will also be upgrading my clutch to something that is more than capable of withstanding the increased torque. Undecided on which clutch I want to run specifically but I will be ordering my clutch from Clutch Industries. Fuel Management: Will be running 550cc injectors that I have optioned from TKC. I also asked TKC if an upgraded fuel pump is needed however, they said the stock fuel pump will be sufficient. Will also be running the factory fuel rail. ECU/Tune: Will be running an AEM FIC (piggyback ECU) with base map and PnP harness. TKC said the PnP harness will be a direct fit onto my stock ECU and the supplied base map will get me very close to the final tune and will allow me to drive to my tuner. This will be confirmed upon installation. After calling several tuners, I finally managed to find someone willing to tune my car. Will be doing a dyno run prior to installation and post installation to gauge power increase. Exhaust: Currently running a 2.5” X-Force stainless cat back exhaust system. I am going to continue using this exhaust system post installation of the turbo kit with a high flow cat (most likely 200cell), therefore I am going to need an exhaust shop to weld some flanges and do some trimming (if required) to be able continue running my X-Force exhaust system with the new high flow cat and down pipe. Gauges: I decided to go with the Just Racing Parts multi gauge. This will need to be paired with the JRP control unit. Will also be buying their OBD2 installation cable which allows me to plug the unit directly to the OBD2 port. Other Mods: Will also be installing a catch can and pcv breather filter. I may also buy a turbo blanket and exhaust heat wrap.
  2. Well I have been working on this for a few years and I think it is only fair that I show everyone what I think is worth all that effort. it is a 1991 AE92 FXGT corolla. i have owned it for the past 5 years over which I have been working on slowly cleaning it up and making it into a clean and very stealthy car. This year I have been working with a panel beater friend and we cleaned it right back to not quite bare metal and spent almost 6 months getting the panels straight and clean enough for a fresh coat of factory black.
  3. Heres an engine upgrade I want to do to my 105 Series Landcruiser, if anyone has any changes or add ons they think i should do or if I could get an opinion on it I would love to here it, Cheers. ENGINE UPGRADE::: DTS Turbo Kit: http://www.dtsturbo.com.au/100-DTS/Turbo-Kit-Suits-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-100-Series-4.2L-1HZ/pd.php DTS Intercooler Kit: http://www.dtsturbo.com.au/IK_dash_1001HZ_dash_T/Intercooler-Kit-Suits-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-100-Series-4.2L-1HZ-(Top-Mount)/pd.php Full Stainless Exhaust Upgraded Injectors Upgraded Fuel Pump Heavy Duty Clutch Full tune
  4. Hi guys am new to the page an looked for the performance thread i found through google but cant find it. Just wondering if anyone has advice about getting my 2015 ATX Aurion chipped turboed and intercooled, i want a sleeper that will eat anyone that looks at me funny, but am not sure where to start, if anyone has by chance done this to there atx i would like to pick your brain before waltzing into a performance shop and watching my wallet be pillaged Cheers in advance pic for atx attention
  5. Item: TOYOTA CALDINA GT-T 2L TURBO AWD - White Location: ERINA, NSW 2250 Website: Gumtree Item Condition: Excellent Used Condition – no accidents – no finance issues Reason for Selling: Regretfully selling due to family issues and too many cars. (Wish I had $$$ to buy a manual 2003 model of these I would!) Price and Payment conditions: $7,500 ono, bank transfer (car is yours when I see total in my account) Any additional information: Completely Stock/Unmodified ~200kw 2.0L Turbo All Wheel Drive in a nice size wagon with Toyota reliability. Very hard to find in this condition with such low km’s (~109,000). ST215 3S-GTE engine (Parts are not a problem because it has the same engine and 4WD system as Celica GT4 – not that I’ve ever had to worry. This put my mind at ease when I bought it.) Forget Corollas, This car is awesome, when you own one you’ll realise! I've owned this car for nearly 4 years with no hassles. Oil & filter changed every 5000, very well maintained. Features… · ~200kw(320Nm) 2.0L Turbo All Wheel Drive with Intercooler · Rare signature 17” Diablo racing wheels (white) · Pirelli P7 tyres · Timing belt changed at 66,000 · Aircon so cold you’ll think you’re in Antarctica! Auto control & outside thermometer · Only used Premium 98 · Tinted windows, p.steer/windows/mirrors Shipping: Will assist buyer if I am able Contact Details: Andrew – SMS/Call 0421100418
  6. Found this when looking at wheels on Gumtree. It seems Toyota Australia in 2008/09 approached Auto Salon to upgrade a Yaris and a Rav 4 for a car show. Almost a decade along the Yaris is up for sale. It appears to have also lost its original titanium wheels as well. https://autocity.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/witheren/cars-vans-utes/camouflage-toyota-yaris/1139136727 Here is some original info on it: http://www.automobilesreview.com/auto-news/toyota-yaris-and-rav4-get-the-auto-salon-treatment/10756/ And you can find plenty of articles on it including posts from the head of the project on other Yaris forums by googling: toyota camouflage yaris project ng It would be cool if it could get into the hands of those that would really look after it. Hopefully a forum member picks it up.
  7. Hi All, I've just had the 130k service done on my Hilux by Toyota and to have them tell me the turbo has to be replaced, at a cost to me of $3k. It was making a whistling/siren sound corresponding to the engine revs so I suspected it was a turbo problem but didn't expect that it need replacing this early in the cars life. I bought my Hilux brand new and have serviced with Toyota dealers for every service, even outside of warranty. I'd expect a turbo to last more than just over 4 years and 130k on a Toyota. I'm keen to know if anyone else has had a similar issue with there Hilux turbo failures, whether within or just outside of the warranty period and what was the outcome? Thanks
  8. Hello all - after advice, i want to turbo and old 12R motor, is there a bolt on kit available, or has anyone got any advice on how to go about it. Alternatively is there a late model (non computer) motors with a bit of grunt that will bolt in as a direct upgrade into a 74 Hiace van - your help is appreciated - cheers
  9. Hi all, I've got '08 Sahara, 120k on clock. Chewing through a lot of oil, LHS turbo looks like it's on the brink. Oil in the hose between the turbo and intercooler. Has anyone or does anyone know how to remove and replace the LHS turbo? Looks like it's in a prick of a spot.
  10. Hi, Im new to the diesel Hilux world, having very recently purchased a 2008 Single Cab Chassis D4D KUN26 Utility. My impressions are good, except for the Malfunction Indicator Lamp coming on. It started about three hours into my drive home from picking it up (140000km's). The light came on. I stopped and unearthed the power connection to retrigger the computer???? and it came on the next day. Same process, same result. The manual warns of 'abnormally high boost pressure in the turbocharger!!!' The turbo seems to be working fine, (well its not slipping into idle mode), but the light is still continuing to come on. It's going into a Toyota repairer very soon but I want to have something to go on.......because the ute is driving fine!!!! Please help!
  11. Hello all - new to club so sorry if this is not being done 100% correct as it is my first post. I have a 1974 hiace that has been converted to a motor home - which frankly is irrelevant but does clarify why i am asking the following. The 12R motor just doesn't cut it with the weight she is pulling, hills are second gear and chugging. Will a bigger motor just slot in or has anyone ever turbo'ed one of these. Any suggestions on just getting a bit more grunt - cheers in advance
  12. Hey all so i have a stock ln106 2.8 litre 3l engine just wondering if i have to decompress the engine a bit before i install a turbo and what would the max psi i should run on a stock engine thanks.
  13. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has had any experience turbocharging or supercharging a 1997 Camry (or possibly multicharging..). It is a CSi Manual SXV20 4 cylinder. Just wondering what problems people have encountered, what setups work best (I know some people have turbocharged them..), etc... Thanks in advance!
  14. Bought this car last July through j-spec imports, after missing out on 2 or 3 we scored this one for well under budget. Car arrived in Australia around the 27th of September. Compliance is usually 2 weeks but due to the amount of crowns coming in they ran out of plates for these for 2014. 4 months passed and it finally got its plates on the 27th of January!. Was regoed that week and have been driving it daily ever since haha. so a run down on the car when i got it: 1JZ-GTE 2.5L Straight Six turbo A340E 4Speed Auto Touchscreen Jap satnav / cd stacker Black Cloth interior Sunroof Athlete Premium 17 x 7 and 17 x 7.5 alloy wheels Final Konnexion Coilovers Mods so far: HKS Air Filter Bosch IK20 Spark Plugs Eagle Leads Clazzio ECT-R Premium Leather seat covers in black Junction Produce Scaras 19 x 9.5 +23 and 19 x 10.5 +29 Fuel filter etc. New Radiator Mods to be installed: Airrex Air struts Accuair E-Level setup with touchpad 2x Hoosier 3Gal tanks Viair 444cc Twin pack Compressors Moonface Front Upper arms with shortened balljoint for maximum lows Ikeya Formula Rear adjustable LCA's TRD Castor Arm Bushes To buy: New tie rods/tie rod ends New Wheel Bearings all round Tablet to install into the dash Tomei Dump Pipe Exhaust Trust Intercooler Auto Shift kit Full Auto Service Diff Bushes/Fluids 150k Major Service Kit (just to be safe) New Balljoints At the docks: Stored it at home while waiting for compliance: Day of Rego: Wheel Test fit: Goodies to be installed: As it sits now:
  15. Hi everyone. My dad has a '05 hilux 3L TD D4-D White the first of the new shape, after spending a fair bit of money on redoing the injectors because they weren't coded right or something dad didn't explain it well. Seeing as I am going to help pay we have decided on a new exhaust then a bull bar reversing lights (small square flood lights), then a light bar on the bull bar. We are going for the colour coded ARB Alloy with the Warn Winch (not a full 4wder but do go on hunting trips). Not sure what LED Cree light bar. (any opinions would be great) We are unsure on what way to do the exhaust, I have done a little reading and some say to do a 3" dump then 2.75" for the rest of the exhaust because the 3" all the way is too big. Or would you suggest to do 2.75" all the way? Also whats the opinion the on chip my diesel or the dp chip if we did one? I have read bad results on them that's all. Would be grateful for any help and advice! Thanks
  16. Hi all, As suggested - just writing my introduction post to the forum! I used to be on here a long long long time ago back in the corolla days. Since those days I was just driving a Toyota hilux due to my line of work, but I have just bought myself another new toy - more of a leisure car. Hence why I am back on the forums to contribute! It is a 2001 Model Toyota Mark II - JZX110. Import from japan. I imported it myself and searched for one that I loved. It was a grade 4.5 at auction. It's a top of the range IR-V Fortuna Yamaha model in 5 spd manual and therefore a very rare car in Australia. Its hard to know just exactly how many of these are in the country - but talking with the importers and on JZX forums, it would seem there are only a handful in the country that are this spec in manual. I do have some basic shots of it during the import process/auction and now also that it's on the road and im sure ill get them up at some stage. I also do a bit of motorsport photography so once I do get all the bits and pieces going on the car ill take some better pics! Hopefully I can get out to some meets soon enough to meet a few new faces! Any questions on the car/specs/process - by all means ask away! Thanks, Cameron
  17. I am just wondering if anyone ever thought of installing turbo or super charger in their latest Klugers. If so please share.
  18. Updated and combined list of MR2 parts which are all available Just to give you an idea if anything isn't mentioned the MR2's that I am parting are: A Custom colour turbo sw20 A black turbo sw20 A red non turbo sw20 Some white panels also avalable. GEN 2/3 Parts available Just post here or send me a PM i most likely can help you out. Pictured Parts as follows: (non-pictured items are in the list below all the pictures) ROH 2 PIECE chicane wheels - good condition, I've given them a quick wash but could do with a better wash and polish of lips sit good on SW20, rear tyres like new fronts worn but still legal, small ding on very edge of rear rim, not very noticable could be rolled out or may hammer out, white paint is good although a little chiped around wheel nut holes RIMS: 16 X 7 5/114.3 OP Fronts 16 X 8 5/114.3 OP Rears TYRES: 205/45 R17 DUNLOP, 235/45 R17 NEXEN $750 set. Super Rare SW20 Cup Holder with removable storage box GEN 3 Lip, Bar, Side Strips Lamborghini Orange Metallic Interior trim (a few small chips but overall good) JDM Seatbelt latches. Pair of OEM tweeters Center console box Chrome metal shift knob All piping available Pair of arch guards $60 per side. or $110 pair Quarter window vents $35 per side or $60 pair delivered, GFB boost controller, 3SGTE and 3SGE Accelerator cables $100 delivered. Custom intercooler $220 delivered. Un-pictured Parts: - GEN 3 extended boot lock barrel - GEN 3 tail light center garnish L brackets - GEN 3 MR2 center panel badge (Brand New) - GEN 3 non-turbo bathurst engine and transmission - Front and rear black carpets - Grey interior roof trim (targa shades, roof trim, light, visors) - Crack free ashtray - 3SGTE Gear Linkages - 3SGE Gear Linkages - 3SGE axles - Seat belts - 3SGTE engine mounts - Orange indicators - Igniter coil - Fuel pump resistor pack - 3SGTE Air Flow Meter - Standard Intercooler - Rear quarter windows - Momo gear knob - OEM Wheels with near new tyres - As new GEN 3 spare wheel and tyres - Full set of GEN 3 shocks - OEM front V shaped brace - GEN 3 larger twin piston front brakes - GEN 3 larger rear 22v brakes - OEM REV 1/2 brakes - OEM Brake discs - Uncracked door handle cups - OEM passanger cloth seat - Pair of bathurst SW20 Seats - Center console box - Rear boot carpet - Complete set of side trim strips - Plastic underbody trays - Original targa top bags $100 delivered - Original MR2 tool bag and jack - All air-conditioner/heater/coolant/fuel piping - Turbo climate control - Original stereo system - Factory speakers & tweeters - Non-turbo door cards with carpet inserts , both JDM and ADM available - GEN 3 boot lid - Gen 3 wing - Strait black boot lid with factory holes for spoiler - Red boot lid with factory 1990 spoiler - Red non-turbo engine lid - Rear window - Passenger Black door - Drivers and Passenger doors JDM - Drivers and Passenger doors ADM (with side intrusion bars) - Door handles - Air conditioner compressor, with the 2 lines still attached and also include idler pulley if needed, - 2 radiators one looks like a reconditioned unit, both good. either one $150 delivered. Plus heaps, heaps more PM me or Post here
  19. I want to turbo my zre hatch 6spd manual 2009. any information would be much appreciated.

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