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Found 13 results

  1. So it's been brought to my attention from a mate looking at buying a new Prado, however his concern & naturally mine too. So he wants to retain the factory wheels, but the new 19" design has an utterly stupid tyre size setup for ALL-TERRAIN rubber, not the half ar**ed factory Dunlop AT30's which are utter junk. OE size now is 265/55/R19 (VX & Kakadu) same size, different design Yet NONE of the good AT's come in that size. So for peace of mind & obviously put in advisory sizes Would there be any ill effect or negatives going for lets say 255/55/R19 or 255/60/R19 *NOTE rim width is only 7.5"* (7.5J) Seeing as that opens up ALOT more real AT's ! Falken Wildpeak AT3W, Yokohama Geolander G015, Continental CrossContact AX6, etc just to name a few reputables. Send through your ideas ladies & gents ! 😊😊😊
  2. I have a 2012 Hilux 2WD single cab ute that needs new tyres. What are the best tyres - it doesn't go offroad.
  3. Will 19x9.5et35 with 275/35R19 fit on 2007 XV40 AT-X Aurion?
  4. I have a 2007 Hilux dual cab and had new Maxxis tyres (700 bravo A/T P245/70R16) put on it about 4 years ago. I've never been happy with the way it handles in wet conditions. It slides out on the road, often just when I'm changing gear from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd, or slight corners. I drive very carefully as I know what it's like but it happens regardless. I usually have nothing in the tray so there is little weight on the back. I've tried even leaving 3 very heavy sandbags in there to help with traction but this didn't make much of a difference. New shockers and suspension made a slight improvement but still the same issues on wet roads. Does anyone have the same problem or can anyone recommend good tyres that won't do this?
  5. Slugg79

    Goodyear tyres

    Looking at getting some new tyres for my Kluger and been reading your thoughts online. Not a great fan of the Dunlop Grandtrek ST30's, find they a bit slippery in the wet (could be a km thing, only got car at 55k on the clock and now up to 72k). Can still get these however, but been recommended the Goodyear Efficientgrip SUV's by a few stores as a good alternative that perform well in the wet. Anyone got these and can provide feedback or any general comments about what might be good. Family car and no off-roading. Cheers
  6. G'day fellas, I've just bought a 2013 SR Hilux. I'm going to be putting a 2" lift under it. What I want to know is, ill a set of 31x10.5x15 fit under it without scrubbing. ill also be putting new rims on it at the same time, so what offset would you recommend to fit comfortably?? cheers
  7. I have a 91 live axle sr5 with a 2 inch lift running 285\75 R16 federals but they just scrub the gaurd Was wondering how easy or hard it is to move the front axle forward and are there any other problems created by doing this THANKS IN ADVANCE:)
  8. Hi All, Have a Rav 2002 , has done heaps of Ks, about 270 000. Still runs ok , has not had anything done to it or needed anything either, just oil, filters and lots of fuel , seems to get about 15 liters per 100 km. Has anyone found a fix for this ? Uses as much as my 6 cylinder land cruiser , as much as my 6.2 liter LSA as well ! I would like to replace the shocks and coils with something better and higher lift. ARB made replacements before but not any more. Any options ? Would also like to get a bit more kick out of the motor, anyone done or had any mods ? Recommend any engine guys or shops ? Cheers Chris Attached pic is not my Rav
  9. After doing 130,000km in my 07 KXR, I have just bought 4 new tyres. The original Grandtreks did 60,000 and the replacement set also Grandtreks did a little more because I drove on less gravel. I was very happy with the tyres as they were very quiet, worked well on stoney roads and never let me down, but come this time I found I could fit Michelins for the same price and as they promised quieter running, better fuel economy and longer life, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Well it turns out that after just 2000km, it seems I have been hoodwinked by Michelin's advertising. The Latitude Tour HP tyres are dreadfully noisy on all but the smoothest types of bitumen, to the point of giving me a headache, and my fuel usage has increased by 5%. I will have to see whether their 3rd claim of longer life is also a furphy. Has anyone else had experience with these tyres?
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm looking at up sizing my 2011 Hilux SR standard set of steel 16 inch rims and 205/R16C tyres without modifying the car. Shopping for unwanted wheels from other Hilux models seemed logical, given there are so many available, but good information about what works is hard to come by. From what I've heard so far, the Hilux TRDs have 17 inch rims with 255/65x17 tyres, while the SR5s have 15 inch rims with 255/70x15 tyres. Does anyone know if either of these will fit straight onto a 2011 Hilux SR (dual cab with a tray)? Alternatively, are there any other types of larger wheels/rims that suit a SR without having to lift or modify anything? Many thanks in advance AllRounder
  11. sold ~! Used set of 4 Bridgestone Potenza S001 high performance tyres. $150. Made in Japan not Thailand or Indonesia. Selling due to scrubbing of outer edge of tread on fenders. Replaced tyres due to cosmetic reasons only. No problems with drivability. Plenty of tread left on all 4 tyres. Pick up only, available from Fortitude Valley, QLD. Specs: 215/45/R17 speed rating 91Y
  12. hi all. anyone know where to get BBS RS or RM wheels?? either genuine or copies? or is anyone selling some? i dont really care what condition as long as theyre not buckled/cracked etc. i think theyre bbs 001's in the photos. and does anyone have a photo of them on a sportivo? cheers
  13. I am wondering if there is problem putting 235/40/R17 rims on a Corolla 2002. The standard rims are 195/60/r15. Eg. would they be illegal?

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