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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys, i'm not a complete noob but i'm actually curious about those that have actually owned 1MZ-FE powered vehicles. I've recently had an interesting thing pop up in my mind, so i figured i'd ask the community their opinion. Right, so first things first..... The 1MZ-FE runs a factory 82°C thermostat (which in my opinion is perfect) considering comparable vehicles (Holden 3.8L's run significantly warmer, same with Falcon's 91°C & 92°C thermostats respectively. But fans don't really kick on till 104°C, now i'm well aware the more pressure you have, raises the boiling point of coolant and all that. I don't need that. But my question is, so... seeing as the 1MZ-FE is such a simple engine to work on. Factory fan switch (which controls the cooling fans) in my opinion isn't really the ideal temp for Australian climate. 82°C thermostat Fans don't kick on till ON @ 95°C OFF @ 90°C (Theoretical operating temp @ cylinder head before thermostat with stock fan switch is approx 110°C - 120°C) Mind you the 1MZ's do have up to 20° higher head temps by design, thus likely to sludge without regular oil changes, they shear oil pretty heavily. Now, i can get a replacement fan switch that drops the temp to ON @ 90°C OFF @ 85°C (Now calculating temps that drops the theoretical head temps before the thermostat running a lower temp fan switch to around 100°C - 110°C) - which personally i'm alot more comfortable with. In my opinion it's all for emissions, i don't really see an issue in doing so, just to bring head temps down, i'm not altering the operating temp, simply keeping it more in line with the actual temp range (82°C - 90°C) - might help in other areas too. Especially on a hot day. Bit of info or opinions is highly welcomed Kind regards Tom
  2. So, ladies & gentlemen... few months update. I've been monitoring my tyre life, but unfortunately i have to report the current continental tyres on my Avalon are wearing pretty averagely. There's nothing wrong with my alignment, etc - but the grip is negligible. Now the factory rim size off memory is 16x6 JJ with (off memory) 45° offset 205/60/R16 were factory fitted I upgraded to 215/55/R16 Slightly lower profile, speedo accuracy is negligible (1.48% out) Where as i want to correct that, now i can technically JUST fit a 225/55/R16 and get more grip, and also the speedo correction will basically be -0.23 (essentially dead accurate) Because even the continental's i have at the moment struggle for grip if i really push the Avalon from a stand still in some situations, i just guess she was made on a good day, it has no issue getting out of it's way. Also braking isn't as good which shocks me. Can anyone reccomend branded/respected brands with great grip over what i have, even so a 225 should boost grip substantially over a 205. I could get 205/55's in Michelin Pilot Sport 4's but personally i wana try have more rubber on the road if possible. I know the PS4's are excellent regardless of the size Sizes i'm after preferably 225/55/R16 or 215/55/R16 Last resort is a 205/55/R16 Pilot Sport 4 unless i get more grip from the alternates.
  3. I’ve dropped in 2000 VT commodore v6 3.8L ecotec motor. Into a 1996 Hilux solid axle which had the 22r 2.4L petrol motor. I bought marks 4wd wiring harness. But does not include tacho kit. I have a saas tacho gauge I can use if I can’t use genuine. Just wondering if it is possible to wire up or do I need to buy marks 4wd tacho kit for it to work? If so where do I tap into the signal wire? And do I need to use a special negative or can I use any negative? Can someone please help me. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a 2004 hilux 3.7ltr V6 petrol for $8000 AUD. It's an extra cab and looks in good condition with a few mods on it, there doesnt seem to be any issues with it mechanically, no oil leaks or trouble with the engine. My only concern is that it is the V6 petrol and has 370,000 Kms on it which is a lot for a petrol. Has this engine past it with that many Kms, am I likely to encounter a catastrophic failure in the near future? Thanks for any help guys
  5. After reading the following article http://www.caradvice.com.au/494956/2018-toyota-camry-spied/, I started to think how many current Aurion owners would be tempted to change over to a turbo 4 cylinder Camry. Personally, I have preferred a non-turbo engine mainly because of long term reliability. Turbos are nice until something goes wrong like a blown seal then off to the workshop.. Also less stress on the engine and 6 cylinders engines shouldy have a better life expectancy than 4 cylinders before having to do a rebuild. Always reminding myself that 2000 rpm in the Aurion is the equivalent of 3000 rpm in a 4 cyl Camry. Absolutely love how the 2GR-FE engine responds for overtaking on the open highway so less time overtaking, safer driving.
  6. Hi I have a 2002 4x4 v6 petrol hilux pushing 250,000 kms and it has a loud whistling sound I think coming from the fuel pump. Used to just happen when it was lowish on fuel but now always does it. Looking for any advice on what might be wrong or what I can do? Thanks
  7. Bought a nice conquest 190k kms but later found out the previous idiot p plater ran out of fuel and moved the wheel side to side to get as far as he could with no engine power severely wearing the pump (leaking,noisy) and rack mounts to the point of being scary driving around 80-100km country roads with the rack moving all over the place Quoted to fix pump $492 rack kit 46 rack boots 50 remove/replace it all 396 Is that pump price a bit over the top to anyone? and is it worth just buying an ebay pump for the age of the car?
  8. HI, Hoping someone can assist. I have a friend who has a 2003 V6 Estima auto, the transmission has failed and the local tranny repair guy is talking $6k to repair/replace, and he also needs a computer transmission chip, not even sure what that is... Does anyone know of a place to get s/h or reco trannys, we are in Tassie, but as I am in logistics, freight isnt a big deal. I would appreciate any help. John
  9. Got a little project on the go, my gearbox is on it's last legs and I have a dodgy foot so I'm pulling my manual box and 1HZ turbo out of my HZJ75 and putting in the 4L60E auto trans and 3.8L V6 Ecotec out of a VT Commodore in it's place. Is there anyone else out there who has done this conversion? Started with
  10. Hey everyone, I currently have a 2009 Single Cab 4.0L V6 Hilux, with a genuine toyota alloy tray and towbar. Right now the car is completely stock except for 31x10 Maxxis Bighorn Muddies. I am planning on a trip around alice springs, uluru area in Northern Territory roughly a year from now, and was just wondering on some suggestions for vehicle modifications and accesories I should look into before setting off. Budget is of no issue really, I just want products that will definitely do the job, and continue to do their job. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello Toyota owners, im glad this site is available!!
  12. I just recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Hilux MY09 GGN25R 4WD V6 Petrol, its a cab chassis with a genuine Toyota tray and tow bar. It is completely stock and nothing has been touched and I was just looking for some ideas for modifications, I want to eventually start going out fishing, camping and general off road use, a little bit of 4WDing but nothing hardcore, just so I can access pretty much anywhere I want to spend the day. So if you guys have any ideas I would much appreciate your opinion and please let me know
  13. what do yous think?
  14. Okay, so I've been driving my newly acquired '96 Vienta Csi and I'm ready to take it to the next level. My main gripe with the car is that the ride is too soft for my liking. It's comfortable going over potholes and bumpy roads, but when I do quick turns and cornering, it feel like an oil tanker. After forum hopping for a while, it seems that a front strut beam and rear sway bar would make a difference at a lower price point. After doing a little digging and visiting autobarn down in chaddy this afternoon, i realised that Whiteline does not make a front strut beam for the '96 Vienta because there is no clearance above the engine; a real bummer. So i'm posting this hoping get a few more ideas re how i can improve my suspension without blowing a big hole in my pocket. A friend of mine recommended changing the stock suspension to coilovers and that should reduce the need for FSB and RSB. I don't have a lot of money to spare so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share them. (if you could provide an estimated cost as well, that will be awesome) thanks! :D
  15. Hey Everyone! I just bought my first ever car. It's a white 1996 Camry Vienta with 134,000kms on it and I love it to bits. It is my first ever car and so far, it's been an absolute joy to drive. I am looking to improve handling and performance on the car so suggestions are most welcomed! :D Drop me a PM, reply here, it's all good! Here's a pic!
  16. Hi All, I just bought a 3rd hand 1996 Camry Vienta 3.0 CSi from a private seller. It is due to arrive on Thursday. My deal with him was that I'll pay a really good price for the car and he'll send it in for RWC inspection (and servicing if required). I test drove it and it's all pretty good. The car has only 133,000km on it. Timing belt, spark plugs, distributor, and some other things were changed at 100,000km. As far as I can tell, there were no mechanical problems with it. I did notice that one of the side lights did not fit into the body properly. I reckon that problem is easily recitified with a firm shove. The car comes with a cassette headunit and I am gonna change it to a CD headunit the moment I get the car. Does anyone know if the ECT switch on the auto-gearbox affects the performance by much? I noticed that when I switched it to PWR, the revs are slightly higher and the gear changes are too. However it isn't like an overdrive system on some auto cars I've driven before. It doesn't feel more agile...probably cuz the car is too heavy... Because it's a pretty big engine and a pretty big car, fuel consumption is probably not the best. Is there any way to make the car more economical while also increasing it's peak performance? ECU tuning? engine add ons? Hope you guys can help.
  17. Hello Everyone, Finally, I join the elite club of Toyota users...Yipeee!!! But I have a problem. See, My toyota is a Camry LE V6 1998 version. Recently, I noticed that whenever I stepped on the brakes, the lights in my dashboard dimmed considerably. As soon as I release the brakes, the light seem to return to normal. Also, starting the car whenever I park it became a problem with the ignition dragging before finally starting the engine. As of now, my battery's out flat and I may have to change the alternator but I am not so quick to have confidence in these sets of solutions. Anybody else have ideas on what I sould do? :( :( :(
  18. Hi Folks Just a quick question. Can someone please tell me what is the rotational direction of the above Distributor ? TIA ............... SteveScouse

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