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Found 16 results

  1. G'day Hows everyone going? I've got a 2011 yaris ncp91 MANUAL. Just installed a pzq6000524 audio unit with some patch harnesses. Everything Works, but sometime in the near future preferably next month I would like to add a reverse camera to the unit. (Still not sure whether to get genuine or aftermarket ebay camera that's why) Photo provided of the audio unit. Question is which wire and what colour do I tap into for reverse trigger for reverse camera? Photos will be very much appreciated. I've asked our local unit installers but he said it might be pink, red with white
  2. Hi. I own a 2014 yaris hatchback and the windscreen has just shattered while sitting in the garage. Nothing hit it and, from the way the glass is, it looks like it shattered from the inside out... Has anyone else had this happen? Is it a yaris issue or an abnormal occurance?
  3. Hi everyone, I am 2013 vios owner, in Australia it is a 2014 yaris. I live in Australia and Thailand, I can never find information in English about the vios so I decided to join this site in the hopes of meeting other yaris owners. Specifically at the moment I am hunting a workshop manual for the 2014 yards sedan. But I'm sure there will be plenty of helpful people for other things as they come up, who knows, I may have some know how to offer as well ;)
  4. Hey guys just wondering what parts are cross compatible from the 1.5 1nz to the 1.3 2nz, basically I need coil packs, valve cover gasket, and other bits and pieces, all my searchs turn up 1.5 parts, some sources claim it fits both, in most looking for clarification cheers, dan
  5. For anyone who snaps, loses, or other wise doesn't have a bolt holding their cool packs down the size is M6 x 25mm
  6. Hey Guys & Girls,its been awhile I've been here (like close to a decade I think) still a proud owner of a Toyota (from Corolla to Prado) & i'm looking at buying a lil run around & The Yaris seems to suit what I want,Back in the day this forum was packed full of enthusiastic Ricers & Mods ran rampant,Im in need of an overall review of the Yaris engine (pros & cons) & if any body in the forum has modded theirs (Rolling gear (Problem free sizes),Extractors,Cold air intakes)..Would love any input at this time so I can make a decision firstly on the right model? at this time
  7. Hi, I've owned my 2005 Toyota Echo (NCP10R) manual 3dr hatch for 10 years. That is until it was written off last week in an accident (not at fault). So now I am looking to buy a car to replace, I loved my Echo, it was a great little car, so now I am looking at replacing it with a Yaris. So I was hoping you guys could help me out with a couple of questions. My budget is $8,000, what year/model Yaris would you recommend in regards to features (like is there someone more significant in a specific year than the one beforehand) etc. This is also my first time buying a secondhand car as I bought my
  8. Hi, I drive manual Yaris 2007 (km - 120K, second owner approx 20K Km). Last two days I noticed strange knocking sound, from the front, just after the engine starts. Then all goes quiet and the engine runs smoothly. It does not happen every time at the start, and the noise varies in strength but usually it is one klang/knock. It could be bit on the left side (from driver's seat). I am worried that something sudden and terrible will happen and I might kill the engine on the way to a mechanic. Did anyone ever encountered anything like that? Thanks ps I tried to record that noise but at this parti
  9. Hi I have a Toyota Yaris 07 and the key was falling apart, brought a new blank and casing and got it cut. At the time a couple of days ago i just taped the transponder piece out of the old key on to the new key and and the car has been going great, when i had time to actually cut it out and insert it yesterday into the new cut key it worked first time. Brilliant! until.. However since then the key now wont turnover the car with the new cut key and original transponder inserted even though it worked the first time? Ive read on here lots to do with programming a new key but they all involve hav
  10. Just a quick hello from a new Yaris owner; this is my first Toyota, a 2010 Manual Yaris with the 1.3 litre motor. I bought this for commuting to work in the city. I'm a bit of a car nut and am not afraid to get my hands dirty under the hood. Previous cars include '79, '84 and '91 Honda preludes, NB Mazda MX-5, Isuzu MU SWB 4x4 (my second car). Look forward to learning about this fun little car on the forums :-)
  11. I purchased a Yaris ZR (2012) which comes with Toyota's new TECH system. I have had nothing but problems with it where the GPS loses signal whilst driving and can remain lost for up to 15 minutes until restored. I have taken my car twice to Toyota for the problem to be fixed, however I have been notified now that this problem is on all multiple Toyota models with the TECH system (not just the Yaris). There is no current fix for this, and the problem renders the navigation system unreliable and many times useless. I searched the net however I have seen no mentioned of this issue. Has anyone els
  12. Hi all, I live in Karratha, WA and recently purchased a black 2006 Yaris hatch which has serious paint damage to the roof. I took the car in to one of the two places up here which paint cars and asked them to do a quote up for me to repair the roof, and said i would leave the car with them as long as possible and would pay cash. Today i received the quote from them for $2000 (See below). Now i'm happy to do the drive down to Perth to have it repaired if it's going to be cheaper down there, I just don't have much scope of what a realistic price for the paint job is? Can anyone help me out? Is
  13. Hey guys. I bought my car without a rear parcel shelf. Anyway. I would like to put in a set of 6X9's. Any idea if a rear parcel shelf from another 2nd Gen Vitz/Yaris will work? Cheers
  14. Hey everyone, I'm ready to purchase a new car. I have been driving my 2003 Toyota Echo since, well, 2003! It is still going well but it is about to hit 200 000km, so I figure it's time to think about up-grading. I am certain the Toyota experts in here might be able to help me decide between a Yaris, Prius C or a Corolla, plus which model would be best. I drive more than 800km per week. Mainly freeway driving, commuting to and from work, so fuel economy is very important to me. I prefer a smaller car, like my Echo sedan, but have found it perfectly large enough to transport myself and my baby a

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