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Found 18 results

  1. Hello all, my rear sunshade button popped in (under the aircon) on my aurion 2010 sportivo zr6 and I had to pull the centre console up in order to get to it and push it back into place. I noticed that upon lifting it up a black wire not connected to anything and just asking around to make sure something isn't unplugged. There are the two white clip plugs and it's on the same wire group going up to the 12v power outlet behind the gearstick and infront of the centre glovebox. I didn't take a picture when I had it out but I've attempted to take some just lifting it up a bit without re-taking it all off (refer to 3 images below, inside of the unconnected wiring, showing the cable group via side photo and top location of those wires). I figured it might be a spare port for additions just above the power outlet but wanted to double check. Cheers! (Please excuse the mess)
  2. Stock standard Aurion zr6, never been interested in modification until recently. What's the go to mods? Done the obvious debadge good 😀😁😀
  3. Hi. I recently upgraded to a 2013 ZR6. The very first thing I noticed was how noisy it is inside the cabin - road noise - mostly at speeds over 90k. I have since changed the tyres and got underbody sound deadening as well. I got Yokohama decibel tyres which I have always used. None of these have made any difference to the noise level. This is my 3rd Aurion - 1st was a 2008 ZR6 and then a 2012 Prodigy. Both previous Aurions were fairly quiet. Any feedback / suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. Hi, everybody. I lost the only key to my 2006 Aurion Sportivo ZR6. It has a keyless ignition and remote doors but the driver-side door can be opened with a key. All the windows are shut and doors locked. I've gone into two different Toyota dealerships. The first one said it would cost $1600~ for two new keys. They would organise a third party to code the new keys. The second dealership said that some computer chips would have to be replaced and it would cost $3000~. So, then I called up various locksmiths around Melbourne. One locksmith said he could cut a new key and program a new remote for $600~. I told him it was keyless ignition with remote doors. He said no problem. Another locksmith said he needs the keycode number. Don't know what that is. Basically, I'm quite confused. Who is telling the truth? I don't know what to do. For this specific model of Aurion, is it possible for a non-Toyota locksmith to cut and code a new key and remote? Has anybody here experienced a similar situation, if so, how did you resolve it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hi Guys, Tried to do some research but couldn't find much, does anyone on here know if its a simple task to change the side mirrors to automatically fold when my 2012 Aurion ZR6 is locked? Cheers! Edit: GSV50R
  6. Hey guys, I'm in some need of advice. Today I took my 2014 Aurion into an exhaust shop in Perth to get some work done. When I made the booking I told them my car was a V6 aurion and I asked for a 2.5" cat back exhaust with mufflers and tips (mild steel) for under $700 which they said they could do. After i dropped the car off today I received a call saying that they didn't realise it was a dual exhaust and were under the impression it was a single pipe all the way to the rear. They then said they could no longer do a cat back and offered instead to install 2 2.5" high flow/straight through performance mufflers with tips within my price range. I, having already dropped my car off and trusting the mechanics (bearing in mind this place is "award winning") decided to trust them. I picked up my car at about 5:30 to find out they had installed 2 2.5" supercat mufflers with stainless tips. The price was $660 for parts and labor. This instantly seemed steep, however they were closed as they'd waited back 30min for me to pick up the car and I hadn't heard the car yet so I didn't want to pass judgement and complain straight away. They said it was loud but not obnoxiously loud and said that if i found it too quiet i could come back and they would remove the resonator for free. This is when I hand over the $660, thank them for everything, take the keys and drive off... The car sounds absolutely beautiful, much deeper and louder from about 1900-2300rpm. However outside of this range there is no difference in tone or noise, it basically sounds stock. I am quite disappointed that $660 worth of work only gave me this much of a result. I would be happy if the noise we heard in that 1900-2300rpm was able to heard throughout a larger rpm spectrum. What do you think I should do? Is $660 far too much for the service provided? Should I just stick it out? Maybe go back and delete the resonator? Any thought would be highly appreciated.
  7. Hey all, I've been researching on towbars for my 2007 Aurion ZR6, I've recently purchased a jet ski and want to be able to tow it. i have seen the factory fitted towbar which requires them to cut hole in the rear bar and the thought of that brings tears to my eyes haha. My question is, Are there any towbars that dont require cutting a hole that can be mounted underneath to the frame? -BADZR6
  9. Hey guys this has probs been answered a million times before and I have looked around but am pretty hopeless at finding info so dont flame me if the answer is on here already I want to get a more beastly sound from my 07 ZR6 and pretty much have no idea on how to go about it. Have seeen people putting in new pipes, mufflers and full systems and just want to know what will give me more of a note without spending super dollars. Not fussed about performance gains so no point changing the headers. So any info on what to do, with what and how much would be much appreciated, Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I've owned my 2007 ZR6 for a few years now. The first car I bought was a 2008 ve sv6 commodore (which was written off due to someone running a red light in front of my other half). I was then deciding between a xr6 and the zr6 as the replacement as I like the size of the sedans and still being on my P plates. I eventually went with the ZR6 simply because of the leather seat but so glad with my choice for many reasons. Just thought I would actually post something up about my car finally and talk a bit with you guys now that I actually own a computer haha. I have not done too much to the car since I've had it. I planned to get rid of it the moment I had my open license and upgrade to something a little more silly (Honda s2000 with a 2jz swap is the current plan). But I Am tossing up between buying a new car or putting that money towards a house and at the moment, the house is winning (no thanks to the missus). So far all I have done to my car is as follows changed my parker lights to white leds and my lights to HIDs I purchased some second hand 19s for cheap rather than buying new tyres haha Lowered the car. We ordered super low king springs from ebay but for some unknown reason we were sent SSLs. after installing them we found that they dropped the car a total of 11.7cms from stock height. Have plastidipped the front grill and have applied nightshade to the rear tail lights. As I said I was not planning to do much more to it as I was planning on buying a new car this year, but it seems plans have changed so will be doing a fair bit more to it. A new exhaust and air intake in the next two weeks. Any ideas or advice please let me know.
  11. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a Zr6 soon and the ones available in my price range seem to be made between 2006-2009. I haven't noticed much of a difference between these models and was wondering if there are any? Thanks.
  12. hey all, new to this forum and what not, just wanted to see whether anyone has a set of SPORTIVO ZR6 leathers to sell? ill pay cash, located in QLD cheers
  13. Hi guys Firstly, apologies if this is already on here. I've just bought a 2011 Sportivo ZR6 with the clear/silver tail lights. I actuakly prefer the smoked red ones as my car is black. Posted ad on Gumtree and someone replied stating that he has a 2008 ZR6 with red lights and is willing to swap. Anyone know if these are gonna fit in each other?? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi guys, Just purchased. 2010 Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6 few weeks ago and love it I had a few questions I was hoping some of you fine people may be able to help me with. 1) What are the Set 1 and 2 buttons which are located near the Parking Sensor enabler/disabler do? 2) how many kms do you guys get from a full tank with 19" low profile (city driving and sometimes freeway) and what petrol do you use? I've only ever used V-Power and I get bout 400. 3) What are some simple inexpensive mods I can do to my car to get a few more kws? Will spend a bit more later on when I'm more financially stable but for now just small mods. 4) Does a TRD engine fit directly into the Non-supercharged chassis? Is it a hard swap and is it worth it? 5) I wanted to get LED bulbs for my headlights. Does anyone know what type of lights are used for the whole headlight? 6) Currently I've got the smaller 5"? Screen for my reverse camera and CD player but I wanted to upgrade to the original GPS/DVD 8" screen. Anyone know if its an easy swap and what the product code for the 8" is? Thanks guys! BTW this is a pic of my car - https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=70D1A910D9F032F3!3159&authkey=!ALNhglxnpwDDEFQ
  15. Hi everyone Last week some friendly soul placed a bottle into my left tail light, and Toyota want $600 for a new one I've called various wreckers and nobody seems to have genuine sportivo lights in stock. Is there anyone that is looking to sell one who could help me out? Thanks
  16. Hey guys...newbie here. I've just bought a 2008 toyota aurion zr6 about a month back and am really unhappy with the stock audio system. I'm looking to replace the two door speakers and two rear speakers with JL Audio speakers hooked up to an amp. My question is if anyone can tell me what is the size of the two front (door) speakers and two rear speakers behind the rear passengers seat please as i need to know this before I buy the JL Audio speakers. I've had a read on the forum and all the different information has completely confused me as some say 6.5" and others say 6X9 is the stock size. Is there someone who can give the final say as to what are the sizes of the front and rear stock speakers so that I can buy the new JL audio speakers and straight swap out the stock ones so that fitment is not an issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope someone can help me out here CHeers guys, Jono ^_^
  17. So yeah, new member and first time Toyota owner. Loving it so far but finding it hard to get accurate, trustworthy info on LPG conversion.
  18. Hey guys I've just bought a 2008 Aurion ZR6 and am loving it so far except for the fact that when I am driving and have the music turned up listening to my favourite songs, upon reaching a red light I press the break and notice that immediately the sound sort of fades and the bass almost completely fades out. Now I've tried going through the head unit settings and even googled it and have still had no luck. Someone pleaseeeeeeee help me Any advice for this newbie would be really appreciated on how to remove this "fading effect" when I press the break to slow down the car. Cheers, Jono ^_^

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