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What's everyone think of it?

Hey guys

Looking putting a lift kit in my 09 SR5 can anyone recommend anything

Hey bud

Nice choice of ute, mines an 06 - been there and done it - so the results?

Unfortunately for our model hilux's with its not so fancy IFS, lifting becomes more difficult than it was with its solid axle predecessors. There are plenty of companies offering sized lift kits - the higher you go - the more it costs, simply because there are more components that need replacing to be able to handle the vastly changed steering and suspension geometry. As far as lifting goes, 50mm or 2 inch is as high as you can go legally - and is as high as tyre/suspension places like fulcrum or goodyear will give you. To go higher, companies like snake racing, monster rides or superior engineering are the way to go.

On mine, I opted for the 3 inch lift (technically 3 in the front and 2.5 in the back to make it level) any higher and your factory components such as control arms and sway bar / sway bar mounts will have to be changed. 4 inch lifts are available - but put your factory components at their limit, meaning you simply won't get any benefit other an inch of ground clearance out of your suspension, more often than not that extra ground clearance is useless without that articulation you can get out of your suspension with a 3 inch lift. There is a 5 inch lift available but is crazy expensive - and in my view not worth the money.

3 inch lift will allow you to run 31 inch tyres (or 265x75) without scrubbing on guards or control arms - however this can be improved to 32 inch or 275's tyre with the addition or some blocks to lift the body (any body lift for them is illegal as it changes the geometry of the airbags) and some after market UCA's. With a 3 inch lift - you probably won't get enough castor adjustment to have the wheels properly aligned and thus may experience vibration through the car - luckily there aftermarket UCA's available to fix this - the cheapest Iv found so far are $880 shipped from tufflux.

Hope this helps, any questions just holla



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