Remove cowl to get to back of 2007 Hatchback engine 2Zr-E26


Inspect the back of the engine in ZRE 152R by removing the cowl (to check for oil leaks and gain access to change spark plugs)

I wanted to inspect the back of my 2007 2Zr 152 R Hatchback Corolla engine as I noticed some small traces of oil at the back around the head gasket level. I was also wondering how on earth you get to he spark plugs?

So I removed the cover to the wiper blades by digging my finger nails under the black plastic and squeezed up and they popped off. Then I used a 14mm socket to take off the nuts, scratch an "alignment" mark to aid in their re-installation, wiggled the blades and they came off. 

Then remove the brake fluid reservoir access hatch by releasing the two clips and lifting it up. The long rubber seal just lifts up out of the way. Next push up the two black plastic pins (they usually break so get replacements from Toyota) on either side of the upper plastic cowling and then release about six clips underneath the cowling which will allow you to remove the entire upper black plastic cowling.

To remove the lower metal cowling first remove two longer 10mm bolts holding down the wiper motor assembly, then side it to the right until the black rubber grommet is free of its u shaped holder and lift the unit out. Undo nine 10mm bolts, fold down the two flaps and it can now be removed. There is a photo (1192) of the flaps folded down.

You can now see down behind the motor to inspect for oil leaks (using a torch and mirror, as it is still hard to see in some places) and if necessary, easily access the spark plugs and remove the coils.

I have included various photos. The first is my motor (1164). Then all the parts I removed (1191). Next the gap looking down the back of the motor (1190, with all parts removed). Then (1181) the upper plastic cowl removed. Next, the flaps folded (1192) down ready to remove the lower metal cowl. Finally (1183) looking closely down at what is behind the motor. 







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