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Fitting a lightbar or driving lights to a Prado with LED high beam

I have just fitted a wiring kit to my 2021 GXL (full LED headlights) for a light bar, A very simple kit is sold by STEDI in victoria. It came as 2 separate looms, the first is the piggy back kit that plugs in on the steering column to give the HI beam switching & has a plug that plugs straight into the light bar loom under the bonnet. I replaced the STEDI switch with a Narva switch to suit the Prado. To do this remove the wires from the STEDI switch & connect as follows, Stedi White - Narva Red, Stedi Blue - Narva Red & Green, Stedi Black - Narva Black.

The 2 looms cost  $100 but simplifed the job immensely....




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