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Aurion Presara 2008 HID Xenon Bulb replace, and headlight alignment


Aurion Presara 2008 HID Xenon Bulb replace, and headlight alignment

Hi everyone,

Aurion Presara 2008 HID XENON lights

After looking for advice almost everywhere and no luck, I thought I might post this to assist others in replacing and aligning Presara HID headlight bulbs

Just fixed two issues, the first a low beam turning off after about 15-20 mins, turn the switch off then back on, all ok for another 15 mins. read a lot of advice on here and other forums and was still unsure if it was just a bulb or the Ballast.

Decided to do it via front bumper removal as I'm not a contortionist, to get easy access to the lights.

Comprehensive guide here for bumper removal- https://youtu.be/qcZpFlovAxQ        Light assemblies shown in the video are NOT the Xenon HID, but the bumper and assembly removal/replacement is the same.

Rather than disconnect fog lights and the headlight washers I simply rested the bumper on some boxes while working on the lights.

There is a grey cover with 4 x screws - remove this to give access to low beam bulb. Rotate electrical connector to disconnect, undo the spring clip and remove the bulb, take note of its orientation,
replace with new bulb ( wear clean cotton gloves when handling bulb) reassemble spring clip and connector and put the cover back on checking the gasket is fitted correctly.

Swapped the two bulbs from side to side, and tested for 20mins, the fault moved with the bulb 👍. So no need to change the Ballast

I had already purchased two replacements from :
https://www.powerbulbs.com/au/product/osram-xenarc-d4s-mercury-free-single-xenon-hid  for AU$138.34

Re-assembled and tested everything- all good, but first night time driving I noticed the Drivers side light was not adjusted correctly and the beam was fuzzy.
Back into the garage and off with the bumper again- only took around 10 mins the second time, pulled the light off and the clip that holds the xenon bulb had spring off- therefor the bulb was sitting slightly off, causing the odd beam angle- a quick clip back in, re assemble and all good again.

While the bumper was off the car I did a headlight alignment, the ONLY way I found this was possible  seems to be while the bumper is off. When the headlight assemblies are fitted into the car most of the adjustment screws are inaccessible. 

I setup measurements, marked out beam height and centre of cut-off line on the garage wall and let the auto level/align work its wonder, then pulled the light assembly just out of the front far enough so it was hanging loose but still turned on, adjusted then clipped the assembly back into its position to check. repeat adjust/repeat until it was spot on. 

The light assembly clicks nicely into its correct place without bolts so its very quick to remove adjust and replace each time.

Turned off and restarted ignition and lights for auto adjust to kick in- still perfect, bolted the lights back in and reassembled the bumper.

Image below shows the screws for LO BEAM vertical and horizontal adjustments- the vertical screw when in position is impossible to access as it inside the guard. 

Did not need to adjust hi beams as they were good.



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