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  1. Hi B Man , I realize its been quite a while but i am having same problem after replacing fuel pump assembly on zze122 corolla . Did you ever find the cause ??

    Regards Lex

  2. Hi Geoff Does it have grease nipples on the universal joint on the shaft ? Its just an annoying clunk every time I pull out of drive way Or try to park any where.☺ Thanks for your reply to mate , appreciate it.
  3. Hi Guys Just wondering if any one has had the joys of replacing intermediate steering shaft on there Corollas? Im getting a clunk noise in steering when turning at low speeds.I've checked all front end suspension (shocks,ball joints,sway bars,Rubbers,Brakes & Calipers, for play) all are good. Also price on shaft please? Appreciate all feed back given. Cheers.
  4. Hi Guys Can some one tell me if a 2004 Corolla Hatch Tow bar would fit on to a 2009 Corolla hatch please??? Cheers Guys
  5. Thanks heaps for the advice guys,Really appreciate it . :)
  6. I 2nd that its an earth problem, Clean all earth contact areas with sand paper if need be. Good luck.
  7. Thanks Buff Hamster really appreciate that advice. Can you give me any prices i can expect to pay for these tyres? Thanks.
  8. Hi Guys Just looking for some feed back on some good Brand tyres for the miss car? last set only lasted about 30,000ks they were Nexens, paid about $95 each X4 with a wheel alignment. The car is used to drive to and from work and some weekend driving, size of tyres are 195/65/R15, Any feed back would be greatly appreciated . Cheers
  9. Hi daniboy I took out the filter and checked that rubber tonight, you are right the ryco one is a little long and i did use that one,Car is still doing the same thing.
  10. Very unlikely that using ryco is the cause. Ryco filters generally exceed genuine quality, and they do not void manufacturer warranties. Out of intrrest, how many km's have you done since the change? Ive done about 250ks since the filter replacement. car ks are 200,000kms wondering if i should just replace the fuel pump well im at it?? Cheers Dani.
  11. Thanks Daniboy,No i didnt remove that top cap mate,I removed all seal's and put them back in place with a bit of vaseline.(fuel pump seal and mushroom cap,Regulator seal) I did use a RYCO filter tho not a a genuine Toyota filter. Have you had any problems Dani with RYCO filters?? Thanks heaps for your input mate.
  12. Hi Guys Looking for some help with my car please- I replaced my fuel filter a week ago but ever since then my car wont start first pop,I have to turn back key to off and it will only start second time around. It tends to do it after its been runing (when hot) but in the morning it will start first pop.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Guys