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  1. hey guys, i was wondering if there any difference between the 03 and 05 steering wheel ? shape wise ? plug wise? looking at replacing my 05 steering wheel as it wore. thanks.
  2. SOLD. mod please delete thread. thanks
  3. hi guys, i got a brand new Fluke 117 mutlimeter for sale. got it as a gift but i already have one. $250 ono thanks
  4. hey guys, i need to clean out the garage i got the following items for sale. 1. Stock sportivo b pipe or Mid section. $OLD 2. Stock sportivo muffler . needs a flange welded as previous owner cut it off for another muffler. $80 3. brand New thermal velocity heat wrap. 5mmx50mmx10m ( thick, width, length) with 10 SST ( stainless steel tie) $50 4. brand new thermal velocity heat sheild 500mm x 500mm $ 50 5. brand newEnergy suspension Front lower control arm. $50 6. brand new Energy suspension Rear Axle beam $50 or take for $80 7. brand new Goodridge brakeline $OLD Located in Canley Heights. Pick up or can post at the buyer expense. expect the muffler and mid pipe.
  5. hey guys, i got the following items for sale. 1. Stock sportivo b pipe or Mid section. $150 2. Stock sportivo muffler needs a flange welded on the end to connect to the B pipe or Mid Pipe. $70 3. Thermal Velocity G Force Wrap - G Force Wrap 50mm (2") x 10m (30ft) + 10 X Stainless steel tie. $ 50 4.Thermal Velocity Vulcan Heat Shield - Vulcan Embossed Aluminium Heat Shield 500mm x 500mm $ 50 take 3 and 4 for $80 5. Brand New Goodridge braided brakelines $120 6.Energy Susp Bushing Kit - 03-08 Corolla/Matrix FWD - Rear Axle $70 7.Energy Susp Bushing Kit - 03-08 Corolla/Matirx - Front Cntrl Arm $ 80 8. Mtec 4750k Cosmos Blue White headlight bulbs. Plug end : 9006 $20 Items can be posted or picked up locally. except the mid pipe.
  6. hey guys i was wondering if anyone got the template for the TRD rear tower cut out? if so could you send it to me please thanks
  7. not wireless. i will get pic up today.
  8. spotted you too. your car looks good as well.
  9. i have a razer barracuda 5.1 headset for sale. used it for about 3month then stop using it. just collecting dust. all in working condition. looking for $120. come with the box. box abit damaged. can post at buyer expense. looking around 15 to post.
  10. not really abit of gap ehre and there. used double side tape to cover the holes lOL
  11. yea that was me. your the silver one ? if so, looking good with those dish rims. Yep thats me. Ahaha. Thanks man. Just wondering did you get your c-one tips moulded on? Or did you do them yourself? I got them sitting in the boot just collected dust. Need them on. Ahaha i just use them screw they gave you. moulding it will set you back abit.