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  1. Just wondering how much does it cost to put the 4EFTE turbo motor from the Jap-spec Glanza into an EP91? like how much is the 4EFTE turbo motor and do you need to change gearboxes and how much it cost for labour to put the new engine in? also how many km's is the 4EFTE turbo motor usually have? also what should you look for when choosing a 4EFTE turbo motor? also im looking to buy an EP91, just wondering what should i look out for when inspecting the car .. like what usually goes wrong with the EP91? also do you know any good places to do the 4EFTE turbo motor swap in sydney also why do you say the k20a conversion will end in pain? also just wondering how much more $ does it cost to do a 3SGTE conversion compared to the 4EFTE also just wondering what are the disadvantages of having a "big heavy engine" in the "front of a quite tiny city hatchback"
  2. just wondering what engines do people usually put into the 1998 toyota starlet when looking for performance? like has anyone put a honda k20a motor in the starlet or a 3SGTE turbo engine into the starlet? also what is the name of the 1998 toyota starlet? ( like the 2nd gen mr2 is called SW20..) thanks
  3. just wondering are there any other cons of the spyder( particularly 2002 and up with the 6 speed SMT) ? like is it true that to change the timing belt on the spyder that the whole engine needs to be removed? if so how much extra does it cost compared to a normal car with engine in the front
  4. Hi, Looking for 4 new tyres for a 2010 camry. Just wondering which tyres are good for the camry and rough costs for sydney area? Would like to get it from Tempe Tyres if possible? also when do tempe tyres usually have tyre sales? my tyre details at the moment are Dunlop Sport 300E 215/60R16 95V Thanks
  5. Hi, Would like to know if aftermarket Cold air Intakes, exhaust and headers actually reduce fuel consumption? thanks
  6. oh ic. i usually drive with 2 people in the car sometimes 3. i pump the tyres with 36psi ( is this enough). i drive like a granny ( slowly) i use e10 also i've only done 32,609 kms
  7. Hi, just wondering if my fuel consumption is right or not. I own a 2010 model camry altise auto and use E10 petrol. I drive mainly in the suburbs which is usually 60km/h speed limit but do go through 70km/h speed limits. I get 14.14L per 100km, what are you guys getting? thanks
  8. Hi, Just wondering whats the difference between 5speed (Australian) vs 6speed (Australian) mr2 spyder? and which is better? thanks
  9. Hi, Im loooking to buy a used toyota prius and wondering what cons should i particulary look out for when inspecting the prius? thanks
  10. oh .. so just to clarify.. gross vehicle mass is the maximum amount of weight the car can handle? or are you saying its the maximum amount of weight that can fit into the car?
  11. Hi, Would like to know what is the difference between kerb weight and gross vehicle mass? im curious as i saw the specs of two cars at carsales.com.au MR2 spyder 2002 1005 (kg) Kerb Weight 1240 (kg) (kg) Gross Vehicle Mass ******* 98 honda civic gli Kerb Weight 1009 (kg) Gross Vehicle Mass 1575 (kg) and the the kerb weight is almost the same between the two cars however there is a 335kg difference for the gross vehicle mass thanks!
  12. Cara sprayed degreaser on the dash to try and kill a spider once.... Lucky she didn't have a lighter as well. I might give it a couple more weeks, if nothing i'll give them a call have you recieved the recall letter yet?
  13. Hi, I would like to know what country the australian 2010 model camry altise is made in? I live in Sydney.. thanks
  14. Im running low on power steering fluid and went to autobarn to purchase a clear power steering fluid branded Penrite. It was recommended by the sales man. When i looked the car's power steering fluid (Toyota Camry 2010) the fluid was a light redish color. So the question is; can i mix the two together since they are different in color? Also to add: I've checked that it is compatible with my car but not sure if i can mix the old with the new. edit: after checking the power steering fluid again now it looks like a red-brown colour I have checked the owner manual and it said automated transmission fluid DEXRON II or III. I have also checked the product manual and it confirms that it is suitable for the car. also the store man said the Penrite power steering fluid he recommended was DEXRON III capable and the only brand he recommends However, I'm concerned because the color of the stock fluid (that came with the car) and the one purchased is different in color.
  15. hey just wondering if anyone knows how to remove the cushion thing next to the rear seats for a 2010 model toyota camry altise (which i identified by drawing the red arrow pointing to the cushion thing). (im trying to install leather seats on the car) and have searched the car manual but couldnt find any information telling me how to remove the cushion thing next to the rear seats thanks