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  1. fix to this was opening the dash and forcing the needle to another “calibration” not sure why or how this happend. A short time after i sold the camry and got a mazda 3, but i have a 2017 corolla now. def more refined!
  2. Hi All, Random question has anyone ever removed the full sized spare and essentially lowered the boot floor to reclaim boot space? Trying to put the dog in the hatch and not the back seat! Not too fussed about the spare this is a 2nd car and hardly goes further then 10-15 kms from home.
  3. HI Jim, Sorry mate i've been on holidays! thanks to the australia day long weekend! Awesome i'm going to attempt this, this week and i'll reply back with my results!
  4. Wow thanks for the fast replies. Its non-digital gauge so analogue. It's not a "new' issue but it certainly happend after a battery change / alternator change which was in the same week. I drove the car and got stuck on the side of the week after with the fuel gauge sitting between empty and 1/4. I thought maybe it was a computer issue
  5. Hi Guys, I have a 05 camry sportivo, since a alternator or battery change im unsure which one was the catalyst for the issue, the fuel guage is reading too high by about 1/8th of a tank. So once its drops just below a 1/4 tank it has about an 1/8th left. Is their a reset procedure or calibration procedure? Any help would be great. Regards Dan