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  1. Yes my car used to have BANKAI plates. Last night I found a pic of 16x7 +35 with stretched rubber and looked as wide they could go. I have coil overs all round but 16x8 +0mm is gonna be more pain then pleasure. Thanks for your help people. This forum is reliable as always. I'm going for a set of XXR 002 black spoke with polished lip 16x7 +35.
  2. Hello people, I have a 05 rolla. I want to put 16x8 +0mm. Has it been done? Is it even possible? What are your thoughts?
  3. oh EVO nice skillz! Bronze 16x7 have been ordered. Can't find them in Black so I will have to get em painted. Thanks for your help ppl. I toyd with the idea of goin bigger but I don't want the wheels to stand out. I just want the car to look neat and mean. Everyone knows my car as BANKAI from the original owner hopfully changing the wheels will put a stop to that!
  4. Thank you guys! I want them in black so I can buy any colour and paint them. I have to admit they do look good in white!
  5. Can anyone name the white wheel pictured? They are hot! I was thinking of puting them on my black stivo (Black of course!) Cheers Dave
  6. YES! A cruise sounds good. I haven't been on a cruise since the MELBCCR ones back when I had a swift GTi. I have taken photos but the ones at night look so much better than mine!
  7. Thanks! Bankai plates were on the car when these pics were taken.
  8. Thanx, I thought people would know this car... Plenty of people on the street do. I've had it for about 18 months now and all I've dont to it is add VVTLi stickers to the sides and keep it clean!
  9. Car is so clean! I have a facelift black sportivo as well that has similar mods to your list but triple the k's! Good luck with it Mate!
  10. These photos were taken before I owned the car. The number plates are not mine. I still havn't taken photos of the car hence why I'm using these pics. She's a brillant car to drive and looks amazing. Cheers
  11. is new to this forum...

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