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  1. Hi, I have a 03/2005 Corolla Ascent and I am looking for the second Fuse Box. I have located the one under the Bonnet but cannot find the other. Any suggestions? Thanks Stefan
  2. I have done research myself and could not find any info so I thought I would ask people I thought would know, only to find a very sarcastic and unfriendly Forum. I am on other forums a contribute to all of them as I WOULD HAVE WITH THIS FORUM, but if this is the standard of answers I will not be having anything to do with this forum. You should make people welcome and NOT p*** them off and tell them to **** up.
  3. I am after some information on the Totota 2RZ [sOHC] engine. What vehicles and years was it fitted to? Thanks.
  4. Hi would like to know about 2RZ Head Removal in a hiace, particually the timing chain. Thanks.

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