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  1. Please Fallow this link
  2. No Police hunting me .... Cause they can not running fast with slowly car....
  3. Installing HID Xenon 4300K... Low beam Hight beam please Comment.... Thank you....
  4. Hello all again... Now am installing fender flaring and Modify My head lamps Plzz Look and Comment Thank You..... This the fender flaring ....
  5. Yes, it filed the wheel is illegal. I need a flaring fender wheel cover them. That's what I'm doing. I think this rims look like OZ wheels but Isn't . Brand of rims is MASTER RACING. Please comment. and NICE to MEET All.... I'm glad to have new friends.
  6. Hi all .... Am Jack My car is 1989 TOYOTA CORONA ST171 Model. Want to make friend. Any body use? Plz fallow this link about my car TDM STLYE by thejack3s