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  1. ** Hi everyone I havent posted for a while but im hoping to do that more so in the future as I am trying to slowly learn how to tune up my car. Anyway, the question that i would like to ask is that what is the best brake fluids and brake pads to be using. I went to autobarns and they quoted me DB1431 for the Front and DB1920 or DB1429 (diamond shape) for the rear. Are they any good? or should i just get OEM pads from toyota? Are there any brakes that are similar to toyota's or a little better? My second question in regards to brake fluids is, which DOT brake fluids is everyone using and could u recommend it to me? Also with bleeding the brakes, do I really have to bleed it using the one man bleeder that could be bought at supercheapauto or so? or could i just pour in the new liquid and let the brakes run through the pipes for a little while. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. On a side note I'm writing this in a disappointing mood, I got rejected from a research job at toytoa =/. I did get the chance to meet the managers there but not enough to get a job there. I was hoping to get in and bring and somehow help bring the ideas from this froum into the research facility. Oh wells, wishful thinking :( sorry for troubling everyone with this paragraph. I just wanted to this out there, to get it off my chest.
  2. 5celica and 123R-Prozak in the link that i had provided in the first post, if u go onto it and scroll down to where rollarollin post about jack safety stand you can see that he has provided 2 images of what seems to be the consequences of putting the jack stand or jacking up from the seal (first picture, where he recommends not jacking up from that area). 5celica can u tell me why my stands or hydraulic jack arent good? sorry i dont get that part since the car was well within the specification, the hydraulic jack and stands that i got arent the OEM one that comes wiht the car like tools that came with changing tyres. thanks for replying and i hope to hear from you soon thanks :D
  3. hey guys so my first attempt to change my oil failed miserably!!! i started off by jacking the car up with a hydraulic jack in the front where it is recommended to jacl up in the manual. Anyway that part is fine until i realise that i've jacked up all the way up to its limit and the jack stands wont even fit under the car to hold the chassis rail. i got so annoyed so i decided to jack the car on the side from the driver side. I jacked it up half way and i hear this loud clanking noise, so i quickly lower the car again and realise that i had a dent in the chassis rail by trying to jack it up from the side. these are my specs for my equipment: 1700kg hydraulic jack from autobarns 3000kg jack from supercheapauto they are the same jack stands as the one in this thread, but just the 3000kg version. http://au.toyotaowne...engine%20%20oil anyway here are some pictures if they help, i wanted to get this oil change quickly and fast. I can get under the car without the stand but it's a very tight fit. i think that if i jack the car from behind it would raise the slump plug by 45 degree making it quite hard to drain the oil. also note that in the pictures the pins havent gone onto the car so even at the lowest point of the stand the car jack still wont fit. tell me how you jacked up and your car and where u put your stands i would be appreciated of your advice
  4. hi i just got a quick question, i recently bought 5w-30 castrol magnetic and i've read on this thread that it didn't work too great? should i get the other one which is the castrold titanium full synthetic 5-30w A3/B2? i went to autobarns and they told me to go with valvoline which was the recommended oil brand, however i wanted to go with castrol. This is going to be my first oil change. http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php/topic/15676-castrol-edge-sport-5w30-special-price-2999/ Also i will be following this guide that's in the DIY section that invovles changing the brake pads, however i've notice that superdave didn't bleed the brakes in this guide and i was wondering how to do that? http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php/topic/13169-front-and-rear-brake-pad-change/ thanks in advance
  5. hi everyone! i havent posted on here for a while but i have several questions that i wished to be answered if possible. My 2003 corolla sportivo is about to hit 100k and i need to service it. My first question is can i trust Ryco product? if so i am going to buy the air filter, oil filter, fuel pump filter and just use those instead of the OEM products that toyota make because i think toyota will definitely over charge, so please let me know and your experieces with Ryco/OEM product and how do they diff from one another. Recently i notice that it takes a lil longer to start but i do know that i need a new battery soon, my current battery that i have atm doesn't tell me the CCA of it. I have gone to autobarn and try purchase a new one but they arent in stock, so i dont know what this battery looks like or the minimum/maximum limit of the CCA that i would need. The guy retail guy advised me to not to go above 480 cca but i still think that it is a lot still, i want a bigger battery but not be able to over charge it to the point where it blows the solenoid of the starter motor. Melbourne's cold weather is attacking my car! Also i've checked on the sites for part numbers and this is what came up, i had remember that the oil filter for the 2ZZ was a lil different, in terms of part number. Race Brakes. Compound RB74 Corolla Sportivo front DB1431 Ryco Oil Filter 2ZZGE part number Z432 with anti Drain back Valve are those the right brake pads that i would need? also is there a DIY bleeding the brakes then changing the brake pads on this site? My final question and thank you for being patience with this, is that would the cabin filter that Ryco provide be the same as the air con filter in the manual? i was ****** off to open it up to see that my car had no air con filter!!! farrrrrr out!! a while back i posted that my car didn't come with any left tweeters and now no air con filter? oh c'mon! i expected a lot more from my toyota dealer, i guess i got jibbed!. anyway i will summarise it all up for everyone service parts Ryco air filter Ryco oil filter Ryco cabin filter? (if it's the same as the air con filter) Castrol 5w-30 or 10w - 30 (most likely 10w - 30 just because the manual says that the 5w-30 only goes up to 45 C degree only) Compound RB74 Corolla Sportivo front DB1431??? (i'm not too sure about this since i dont know much about brakes) tyres : 205/50R (i would like to purchase the same specification but with grip on them this time, i am willing to spend 100-160 a typr if it means that it's going to last me longer with plenty of grip) i think that's about it, if i have missed something that i should be servicing then let me know. thank you for reading my post kind regards losties
  6. okay so far i've added the 2 kenwood 3 way 180w peak speakers, i dont think i notice any different at the moment, since i've only change the 2 speakers in the front. i tried pumping the music up with just those those using the stock headunit that i have but the sound doesn't sound as good as i wanted too, can someone tell me is it because of the headunit or the stock speakers at the back and the tweeters in the front. would sound qualithy change if i just change all the speakers and leave the stereo area stock or i have to change everything regards losties
  7. thanks for replying guys anyway i have a stock head unit so im sure that might have something to do with the sound output, a friend of mine has given me a pair of 180W peak kenwood speaker i think they are 2 way. i dont mind spending a bit of money since i know audio equipments are expensive overall. However i don't want it to be over the top, maybe something with a good amount of bass and crystal clear sound when driving with the window's down. At the time being i will just purchase another pair of kenwood speakers or pioneer speakers and just plug it in. It doesn't matter if i use too different brand right? as long as the power outpout for both of the speaker are similar? Also with the splitter thing i dont really know what it looks like, when i did search for it it comes up these audio jack plugin splitter, something like this My link im interested in how everyone has set up their audio equipment, such as the brand they went with, whether they are using an amp or a sub or just aftermarket speakers, and how pleased are they with their setup and the quality of it . I always thought that the stereo and head unit doesnt have a big part in all of this but i guess you guys give me some insight to that :D regards losties
  8. i did some research and it says that it does come with 6 speakers so im assuming that one of it is the tweeters, and what exactly are splitters? kinder new to the audio part of cars when i open the door i do notice there was a plug-in just like for the door power window switch, the same switch/plug in sort of stull so i just thought that i can buy any sort of tweeters and just connect them.
  9. Hi everyone! Today i open my 2 front door trims just so i can have a look at what the speakers look like so that in the future when i do buy new ones i would know what exactly the dimensions are and how to install them, anyway long story short i was curious to see how small the tweeters was for the car so i opened the cover, to my surprise there was NOTHING! in there, no wires at all just emptiness, that pretty much ****** me off i felt jibbed! my question is what are your recommendation on tweeters, brands? quality? power output? dimensions of the tweeters and which one would mount so well that there's no need to change the cover of it. hehe yeh i'm a noob to this i've never had tweeters in my car before. btw i dont have a sub or an amp and not planning on getting one in the future just good speakres and tweeters. i saw a pair of tweeters on ebay from HK for 7 bux and i was tempted! haha it shows how much i wanted a pair of tweeters at that instant. also can you tell me if the stock sportivo 03 tweeters was any good! thank you and let me know your thoughts on this.
  10. just like the title reads i am back and now im with a sportivo :D although most of you wont remember the thread that i posted up a while ago about my concert on the issues of getting a sportivo. so now im an official owner, its a 03 black sportivo with light guards and bonnet guards, i will post up pictures of it sometime soon when i get the chance. anyway ill get straight to what exact is worrying me. i think my amateur manual driving is killing my car some how. when i start the car i engage the clutch then start the engine like how the manual instructed you to do it, but as i let my car warm up i press the clutch again just so i can practice abit of gear changing but when i do that my clutch makes a squeeky sort of sound (this happens when i first start the car and it does away later on) not sure if thats normal? anyway thats not all my problem starts even more when i start to drive (i must really suck at manual, btw i've drove manual before but only for practice so i've never own a manual car before) i have a hard time getting into some gears (i like to save petrol so i shift at 3k max) especially the first gear. secondly let say im about to approach a stop and i put it into neutral and slowly break but if the lights change quickly i cant seem to get it into gear 1 im fine with most of the other gears although they do seem stiff. thirdly sometimes when i drive in the morning after letting it warm up 2/4 of the temperature gauge then drive for abit i hear this whistling sort of noise, the sound is quite soft but because i listen to the sound of my car engine when i drive in the morning i can usually hear it, is that normal? anyway ill cut this thing short if i can since i know im boring everyone. btw when i bought the car at the dealer they show me an racv check and it shows that it had its water pump changed, the previous owner was a female and kinder didn't care about the car, i will post up pic of the condition of my car and show you all when i get the time. the clutch seems high in height for me is it recommend to change it or would a heavy duty one be better? is reverse always that stiff to get into gear? and if i were to get oil for my tranmission how do i apply it? do i just pull off the gear area inside the car where the knob is and just pour it down? whats more healthy for the car and clutch coming to a stop in neutral or coming to a stop in gear regardless if its a high gear then just when your about to stop just clutch it and put it into neutral? i will try to change gears at high rpm and see if i have the changing gear problem, what is considered high? ill try 6k then if you have a video of yourself driving normally and driving with lift i would love to see it, thats if its not too troublesome for u to upload. And i rarely use "lift" i am scared that i would be using it the wrong way, especially worried about my clutch. gosh i feel so crappy the way i drive my car. thanks for reading if your still with me this far :D
  11. not sure what you mean by "torque like sound". but if you're talking about the higher idling when the engine is cold, that's how all toyota's are. with regards to the hardness of the clutch pedal, you'd be surprised that a lot of heavy duty clutches are lighter. the stiffness of the pedal is usually influenced by the turnover spring and how worn the current clutch is. the more worn the clutch, the heavier it will feel. the issue with going from 4th to 2nd could be related to you not pressing the clutch pedal in all the way as you have admitted to (btw, fully depressing the clutch is how they operate normally). the shifting trouble could be related to an out of adjustment pedal height. with limited info on the car and not having a look at it, there could be numerous things that could contribute to what you have described. you're best to get your own mechanic to look at it if you're not confident. hope that helps. hey lateralus i should of made my description more clear. Im not sure if its me but im just not used to the loud engine sound when pressing on the pedal (before my car broke down i drove a underpower civic 90 model) so maybe this sportivo power feels fast to me. anyway how would i know if the clutch is worn it just feels hard to me, the first time i drove it i had to adjust my seat just so i press the clutch all the way down. At first i thought i had pressed it all the way down but it came to my surprise that i had only pressed it half way. but just to update you i'm planning on buying the car :D im quite happy with my purchase although its abit pricey for the time being however im getting it from the dealer so its a 1 year warranty hopefully i can get them to change the clutch. and btw when u drive is it stiff changing gears? i thought it was abit stiff but maybe its just my inexperience with manual driving. if u can be bothered reading and replying thank you
  12. not sure if any1 is still following but i test drive a 03 sportivo today and im abit hooked! however there are some things im not sure about can u mind clearing them for me, when i turn on the engine it had a louder then normal torque like sound, im not sure if thats a stock sound or a sound with a CAI in it. And also the clutch is harder then a normal car clutch is that normal or am i mistakening it with a heavy duty one? and also i think i try to go from 4th to 2nd gear but it kinder didn't let me im not sure if thats normal in all cars? also when i clutch i pressed it all the way im not sure if ur ment to do that i was just afraid that i didnt clutch enough (its been quite a long time since i've last drove manual, don't taunt me for being so amateur-ish). Anyway the car had 93 0000 km on it and the outside was in good condition however the inside was an okay for me probaly just 7/10, it had some scratches where the electronic window switch was on. anyway the dealer wants about 14k for the car is that too much? anyway if u can be bothered reading and give me some thoughts back that would be great :D thanks
  13. im not sure if this thread is still alive, but i wanted to ask how much did those gear box issue cost to fully fix? it doesnt cost like 6k does it like those impreza 2000 model. and if it was to break down would be getting a second hand from lets say a normal corolla work? or does it have to be a sportivo gearbox. haha for some reason i thought of using a type R gear box when it dies but thats just stupid thinking. my mind is still set on the corolla sportivo just a little bit more saving then i should be good :D. i've already thought of some mods, but i wanna hear ur opinion before i even get serious about it. would it be wise to change the cluster to some other toyota cluster? such as the 05 rav4 cluster, or a normal corolla ascent one. AND if it was possible then how do i go about on changing the km thats on the cluster or would i need a mechanic to do so, i was told that it was illegal to change the km but im not too sure about it. thank you for reading my reply. if i've broken any rules by posting this then let me know cheers
  14. But at least you had new car warranty to fall back on! Never a good idea to go over your budget on a car that is very likely to need money spent on it. Better to save for a nice example or look at something else. GIven that you're a Honda guy have you considered a Civic VTi-R or something like that? Not sure how their reliability compares to the Sportivo, but they are a nice drive. hello matty P, the reason i chose the sportivo because it was a 4 door hatch, with leather seating, stock fog lights, and a stylish sort of look. i have considered the VTI-R civic however the vtir exist mainly in the 95-2000 models. most of which have a lot of km, and the ones that are done up aren't my kind of car, i simply want a stock car that looks and drives well especially with a little bit of power. just a quick question though, do toyota corolla really have an issue with this gear issue thing or is it the way u drive it that causes the problem? i had considered a 03 integra type R however it doesnt meet all of my standards with that car although its a very good car i must admit. thanks for reading my reply
  15. thank you to everyone that has replied, i am considering just saving up abit more before i purchase it or so. :) i am going to be more cautious when trying to find a cheap price sportivo. i have some questions about making a sportivo look like a levin ZRE in terms of appearance, but those questions will have to be posted another time and thanks again :D