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  1. yeh i might give it a go myself and if i can some how get the programming to work i lll go back to the locksmith for a new remote. but i think ill just pull the dash apart on the weekend and try to find a product code on the central locking control box. supposedly they only cost $40 or so, so that might be the next step
  2. Hey "mr2" thanks for your reply. i went yesterday to a locksmith to try and replace my remote and they had the manual and we went through all the procedures you listed but couldnt get in to the configuring menu of the central locking system. he sat there for ages but it just wouldnt configure. and i do have that ear piercing sound when the door is open with the headlights on. i havnt checked the fuses yet as all 4 locks still go up and down so i assumed the central locking is still working in that respect, but as easy as they are to check i might just go through them all to double check. cheers for the help mate
  3. Hey guys, i recently bought a 2002 SR5 Hilux Dual Cab 4x4 about 18 months ago. From the first day the central locking system never worked as well as i hoped. I would have to get within 2 metres of the car before the remote would work and the doors unlock, but as long as i was close enough the remote would work perfectly first time every time. Then about 12 months ago it suddenly stopped working, so i replaced the battery and cleaned the circuit board gently with a cotton bud (as it had a little moisture inside from being in my pockets working during summer.) But the whole time, even now the little red LED light always worked when pushing the button. So i didnt use the remote for 6 months and then decided id give it another try and it randomly worked the first time i pushed the remote, but wouldn't work after that. So it sat around for another few months. Today i went to a locksmith and i tried to get a new toyota remote, and the bloke sat in my car for half an hour trying to get the "programming" settings to come up, by turning the key from 'accessories' to 'on' and back to 'accessories' 20 times etc. To my dismay it wouldnt connect and he then told me he has never not been able to connect to the pairing settings of a cars central locking. Can anyone shed any light on my predicament?? or any ideas at all Thanks guys David
  4. Hey guys, i drive a 2002 SR5 Hilux Dual Cab 2,7L 4x4. The 4x4 gear knob should sit in the "H" possition when normal driving. As that will give you high range when cruising normally. If you want High range 4x4, all you have to do is push the button on the side, and if you want low range (which is only an option for 4x4) you just pull it back to "L". If kept in neutral "N" the car will be in that gear "Neutral" and wont go anywhere. But anyway i get about 400kms to a tank city driving and if its all on the freeway it is normally 450-500kms. Not wonderful fuel economy, but for a little 4-cylinder engine pulling about 2 tonne of vehicle, it does quite well. Ive owned her for about a year and a half now, and since then ive dropped the oil a few times and changed air, oil and fuel filters and it has never needed any work what so ever, Hilux's are worth the money.
  5. hey guys, can anyone tell me what the offset is for a 2000 celica with 5x100 16" rims thanks
  6. Hey guys does anyone have black rims they are looking to sell to fit my 2000 celica sx. They are 5x100 Pm me Cheers
  7. Wanting to buy a 7th gen Velda parcel shelf. I live in Brisbane. Cheers guys