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  1. Okay well i need to buy more T5 globes to eliminate that problem as i have already tried 3 different bulbs, put it into the 2 gear selector ports and put it into different positions. If the new globes that i will buy tomorrow are not fauly. What could be the cause? we have tried the bulbs, and the fuses. does that leave the wires? should i replace every fuse? is it something i could do or would it be best for toyota to do it. thanks you very much for helping me this far graeme and at this hour aswell.
  2. they work. I meant I took the T5 globes out from the gear selector just to make sure it wasnt interfering with the climate control lights
  3. this is the same image i get after all the steps i have taken: http://tinypic.com/v...=8#.VOXVdS6z7pQ i have also taken out the T5 globes to eliminate interferance, nothing happens. I might need to take it into toyota?
  4. Okay i used the Horn fuse and inserted it into dome fuse. it did not work. neither the climate control lights came on nor the gear selector lights. I inserted Dome fuse into the horn, and the horn worked. this means that the fuse was not blown? so the problem is the wires?
  5. okay, just looking again at my pictures i dont have the RR FOG fuse. its labelled on the box, but not physically there
  6. ok i got it. here is the image box layout: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2hz2rrl&s=8 here is the image of the fuse for "Dome" : http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=520sh&s=8 is that correct? I dont have any spare fuses at the moment. Which fuse can i remove from either fuse box and see if it works?
  7. Yes, i just tested it. The brake lights, the reverse lights, indicators, the lights. Is the dome fuse located in the fuse box? i could not find it. okay so engine, bay. i need to figure out how to access that.
  8. i tried it reversing with 3 different T5 bulbs with the ones i bought from jaycar. It still doesnt work anymore nor the climate control backlight. Which fuses should i test? I will have to buy new fuses tomorrow and replace all of them as a process of elimination. If say i replace all the fuses with new ones, and still does not work. Could that mean the wires need to be replaced?
  9. Ok i will try that. Also how does that affect the climate control lights to be not working?
  10. hi, it was this T5 Globe: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=ZD0382 I did change it whilst my car was on. I did not know there was a pos and neg side. As soon as i inserted it it just turned off. the gear selector and the climate control back blue panel.
  11. Hi, the interior dashboard (speedometer section) works, clock works, Aircon green light works except the the gear selectors, the blue led lights for the 3 climate control changes, here is a picture: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=o58imu&s=8#.VOXVdS6z7pQ
  12. Hi everyone. I was changing my gear selector lights with my car on. As i put the new T5 globe the lights turned off. These lights include, the blue LED for the air con, demister, fan speed, and both gear selector lights. Have i blown a fuse? If so how can i access it and change it? I can access the fuse box under the glove box, but not sure which one, or what type to replace it with. here is a thread with the picture with the interior lights working. notice the gear selector and the blue led lights for the climate controls are not working: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=o58imu&s=8#.VOXVdS6z7pQ here is a thread with the fuse box: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/18725-lighter-fuse/ can you help me? Thanks guys
  13. thanks steele, i was also wondering which combination of speakers would be best for me. there should be a consesus on these forums as what sounds good and what doesnt.
  14. hi chris, just wondering where did u buy it and who installed it and how much? is ur head unit connected to the amp that is followed by the speakers? thanks tanny
  15. Hi, i am a newbie. ive been reading some forums on the after market zr6 speakers. I was wondering if there are speakers that has good bass, trebble, clarity and no distortion. let it be known i am no AUDIOPHILE, and i still think my sx6 speakers are pretty good, but i know there are better speakers. i will keep the factory head unit, so what speakers can you recommend for me? also which speaker installer would be good? jb hifi lol? i am in melbourne and my limit is 600 for the front and back speakers + whatever addition for installation. thanks tanny