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  1. Most recent photo, white 16' enkei es tarmac with project mu floating lug nuts
  2. If you want to buy it it's for sale now... It's been a great little car, just need something a bit bigger now unfortunately.
  3. Did you do stage 2 cam upgrade yourself... or did you have to take it professionals, if so how much was it? Cheers.
  4. Nope no intention of entering a race or competition. Do intend to take it to the track for some fun but that would be the extent of it. Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts and ideas before I jump into anything prematurely. I had no idea that installation of the mentioned engine components would be so time consuming and expensive... In my mind i thought it would be simply opening the head up and dropping the parts in then getting it tuned. Did not factor in the oil pump either. Taking in everything that both of you have said it really wouldn't be worth it for the gains and being a street driven corolla. Imagine having to rev it to 9500 to make the power lol.. It would be cool for a few days than it would be back to the same ol bitching and whining. The only more reasonable option would be what Dave has mentioned and that is dropping in the stage 2 cams + PFC... Thanks for the input!
  5. Has anyone done this to their sportivo, or know of anyone who has done it? Would like to know the difference/ opinions and whether or not it is worth it? Would be tuned as well and valves upgraded. Also what would be an estimate for a mechanic to install the engine components?? Any information from personal experience would be great! :) Thanks. Sorry guys did a search and found some good info. But if there's anymore input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Also the previous rims were wrapped in khumo ecstas... and coming back to the stock rims which are yokohama C drives... i much prefer the C drives. Really quiet, nice and grippy! The khumos were pretty loud (i.e. in cabin noise), grip was not to bad.
  7. Just washed the car after the weeks of horrible weather... just mucking around with the camera, i'm no pro Wheels changed back to stock, got over the whole black wheel thing. My previous car had black rims too. Also the gear knob is a TWM desert eagle which i bought from a member on this forum... 650g weight.. it's nice and heavy :) Also lately have been contemplating whether or not to sell this car... it's been a really good car, no complaints about it. Its been a fantastic upgrade from the POS i was driving before. But I really want to get a faster quality car that will yield good gains with minimal modding.. *cough evo. But realistically i'm in no position to be spending money for another car :( oh wells... Will just wait my turn! Anyways enjoy the pictures...
  8. Haha, we are not alone! It's more heart breaking because it is such an expensive system too. After spending so much on it, it's kinda put me off from spending anymore money on it for now. Will have to wait a while... When you say sounds amazing? Do you mean all the noise is going out the back of the car and not in? Cos that's ideal. :)
  9. If you could post a vid that would be awesome, but don't worry if it's too much trouble/ time/ effort :) There's no way to be able to sleep in the car during highway driving, I found that I had to drive in 5th or 4th on the highway for some sort of backoff on the drone.. in 6th it was just droning like a cow. I'm glad it worked out for you though. I think installing in store is the key. They must do some special magic lol.
  10. i had a CES installed once upon a time ago, i certainly felt a difference in lift after i installed it, however your quite right- it drones badly. I went back to stock after about 2 months with it on (had to swap over as i started work at 5am and couldnt stand hearing the exhaust drone so early in the morning). Dont worry though, if you put it up for sale in this forum, it will get sold in a heart beat. mmm well i had ported headers and exhaust done... Top end 'may' have felt a bit better but it certainly wasn't a big difference... very subtle. It's weird how some ppl say it drones and some ppl say it doesnt... i wonder if there is a way it has to be installed.
  11. So from a scale of 1-10 how much in cabin exhaust resonation/ noise can you hear from your exhaust.... Did you get it installed at CES? If possible can I meet up with you and listen to it in cabin?
  12. nah no more... i'm over it lol... Never investing in a performance exhaust until i've heard it and been in a car with it on. That's me ey, just way impulsive. Never thinking always just doing it. Wonder how long it would take to polish up the whole muffler barrel and all, not just the tip. I took my old headers in to CES this morning and asked Trevor about the exhaust noise..he was absolutely adamant that the CES exhaust does not drone or resonate within the cabin. He's gonna find time next week and will be refitting it back to the car himself to make sure the drone and resonation is not there. He did mention a bigger resonator if need be. If you know of anyone with one installed, jump in their car and let me know if it drones at all :) I dunno man, something about the varex just doesn't do it for me.
  13. hahaha.. are you always on the hunt for goodies? Exhaust is already off as i couldn't stand it. Trevor at CES said he'll try and fit me in next week to install it on himself... and maybe try with a bigger resonator. But if I can sell it by then for a good price i think i will as i'm well and truly over it... im all droned out. I think i was too wishful and impulsive in listening to the reviews of the exhaust. I want something that looks good, has got the performance and sounds good.... and NO cabin resonation period. Maybe i should just polish the stock muffler