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  1. Gearbox upgrade. Now running SADEV ST82-14
  2. 2017 ARC2 2wd Champions.
  3. Video from the weekend. It Revs 300 R3 500 Go
  4. Some external video of the car. Last segment has the car accelerate, and you can here us pick 4th. Sounds very nice on full song. #Toyota #ToyotaGenuineParts #CMIToyota #ToyotaTough #NatCap #ToyotaAustralia
  5. Been a while, but here you go. First real run, and I scratched it.
  6. Hopefully Thursday night Need people get their act together and enter the twilight rallysprint here in Adelaide. As of this morning, 13 entrants. Need at least 25 to make it start.
  7. Took a while, but Log Book and Cage Sticker obtained.
  8. pretty much there. Dyno reads under, so engine is in a safe state. Final log file and map sent to builder for review.
  9. Cam actuation not set in the ecu. Different dyno and better fuel mapping. Not as hot, and lambda and fuel pressure changes.
  10. Found an extra 40kw. Updating the ecu with some appropriate figures, and we will see where we can get to.
  11. As far as I am aware.
  12. Wiseco pistons, corillo rods, Darton sleeves, strengthened valve springs and oil pump, 550cc injectors, remote oil cooler and better gearing. All help to get more power out.
  13. 150 is proven by engine builder. A number of similar builds are putting out that figure at the wheels with the same set-up. Rally tyres, 45 degrees and tie down set-up all combined to rid run of hp. CAMS switching in at 5000 not 6250, so will fix that. You can see power drop on graphic when output. This may be partial cause.
  14. Tune day 1st week of January.. Did not go as planned. Somehow missing 45 Kw. Only putting out 105, not 150. Investigations into why this may be so continuing. New tune date set.