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  1. Hey guys my old mans after a 6 speed manual box out of a Sportivo for his 2002 conquest, does anyone have 1 or know of where we could find 1 thank you guys!!
  2. Hi guys im buying a Corolla with a Carby Motor in it and i would like to drop my 20V Silvertop quad throttle into this shell, how hard is this task? is anyone willing to help? Any help is muchly appreciated!
  3. i keep spotting JAE-50N, is that a member apart of this club??
  4. hmmm... High Obsolete Discharge Lights??? XD mate, its H.I.D... (High Intensity Discharge) lights, please enlighten us on what they have told you... Evo lol i read the packet n it said High Output Display, they told me that they were better then HID n they didnt take much 2 put in jus plug into ur old wiring n thats it
  5. hey guys i was at my local auto barn and they told me about some new H.O.D lights, does anyone know anything about them??
  6. heyy guys iv got all my sound gear out of my commodore n i want it in my corolla, BUT i dont know how to put my 6 1/2 inch rockfords in it without doing any thing drastic, the doors r stock n the speakers will be amped so its gotta be a strong job neway bring the opinions in n show me if uv already done it :)
  7. yeahhh its a twincam 16 valve... is that not the normal motor lol
  8. yeah guys thinking of a custom interior since my speakers wont fit newhere :( its a 4A-FE i think lol
  9. heyy guys miikeys back n rollin in his new corolla :) well not yet haha neway its a AE92 with custom paint, custom kit, 18 inch sparkles, exhaust system, shaven door handles, 2 12 inch fusions in the boot, n 4 rockford fosgate 6 inch speakers theres hardly any problems with the rolla besides the dead battery, the gear box stuck in third n the rear window smashed cuz we had 2 get in to open the bonnet to charge the battery neway enough blabbering im gunna upload some pics n u can let me kno wat u think n what u think i should do to it
  10. oi if yous aint got nething nice 2 say then dont say nething at all, yeh so wat he duzn spell things propley but its not like u cant understand it
  11. seen the yaris in flesh n its absolutely gawjus i seen it in the workshop but there was no back seat :( any1 got a pic ov wats in the back:)
  12. hey guys im puttin in a full system into my corolla seca but i dont see any mounting holes in the double dinn pocket near the gear stick im putting in a double dinn clarion headunit but i dont know where the mounting holes are or anything in this pocket any help will b greatfully appreciated :)
  13. miikey will be attending with his gf :) wont b in a toyota tho
  14. what area r u from mate? ill have a look around 4 u anything in particular ur after?