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  1. Hello Brendan, Thanks for the reply. Appreciated. I will try a couple things before spending the cash. Regards, Greg
  2. Thanks for the reply. When seated in the vehicle, using the lock / unlock button on the door, only the right back door unlocks. The driver door only locks / unlocks when using the key. (Same with the front passenger.) I will have to do like you said and try a bunch of things before making any expensive purchases. :)
  3. Hello, Just had my Hilux serviced and asked for the central locking to be checked as well, as it is not working. The garage told me I had to replace the door actuators at a cost of $1000. Does anyone have any advice as to where I can get these parts at a lower cost? I am still baffled as to why 3 of them went at the same time. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Greg
  4. Hello, Strange question that I need help with please. I have a 2009 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab SR5, with a 2013 bin. I am now looking at a canopy and need to know if the canopy I am looking at will fit the 2013 bin. The canopy I am looking at is named as follows: Toyota Hilux 2005-2011 SR5 Genuine Toyota Canopy. Unfortunately, I cant try fitting it as it is too far away at the moment. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg

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