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  1. Thanks fellas I'll talk to my toyota dealer and ask what the go is with warranty and go from there. I think i'll definetly get pioneer speakers but i'm not sure if i should get tweeters and an amp with them. I might also see if i can get someone else to do it lol up at the gold coast atm so I might ask for some quotes.
  2. Hey Lads, Just wondering if anyone can give me some help? I'm in the market for better quality speakers to put in my Camry.Has anyone got any ideas on how to go about this as it's my first time doing it.I do want high quality speakers not cheepo's and will this affect my car warranty? Cheers Justin
  3. Did a good job modifying it Rich. I've got like a neutral feeling to the rear lip spoiler but otherwise it's a nice looking car . If I may ask how much did the roof cost to get carbon fibered?

    My 2011 Camry Atara SX

    2011 Camry Atara SX in Diamond White. Slight modifications done so far: Tinted windows CSA shaker Wheels with Toyo Teo + tyres in an 18inch size
  5. Hey Beamster just wondering about the Aftermarket DVD/GPS System what sort was it and what sort of price was it? Also did you add any aftermarket speakers or just left them as is? How are you DRL's going do you like the positioning of them? Sorry about all the questions just got one myself that's all. I must say the King wheels really add a lot character to the vehicle nice choice.
  6. Hello everyone, as you can tell from the title I'm new to this forum. I've had my 2011 Camry Atara SX for about a month and have added aftermarket wheels and tyres to it.I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone & hope to learn much more about Camry's as well as many other Toyota's on this forum. Oh and here are some photo's of it.

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