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  1. Has anyone had their solar ventilation not work (and service guys tell you it does). I've own the car for 6 years with no issues but solar ventilation died (around the same time as a bingle) I think the Toyota dealer I current use doesn't know enough about this form of ventilation. Any suggestions apart from from finding another service centre?
  2. 1 year on and economy now averaging 5.8. Hubby now down to 4.3 most tanks after replacing the tyres. Looks like I need to replace the tyres at some stage, not what I expect on the top of the range car.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else has poor fuel economy on their 2012 Prius. I bought the car 3 months ago (11 months old) and have done about 6000km with both city and highway driving and have average 7.8L/10km for the distance. I found this a surprise as the other Prius (2006) averages 4.6 around town. The local dealers response was "1. check your tyres, 2. use premium, 3. keep track and come and see us". My response "1. original tyres kept inflated correctly (hubby says I could put BETTER tyres on), 2. have tried premium petrol while on holidays ie highway driving and made no difference and 3.

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