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  1. Would appreciate any tips for removing the side skirt from a GSV50 Aurion. Mine has a crack that requires repair. Many thanks, PaulB
  2. Thanks Warren. After giving it some consideration I will likely finish the installation and then have an auto elec connect the led to the existing high level brake light (noting that the original light needs to be disconnected). For info, the wire to the original high level brake light can be seen from inside the boot - under the rear parcel shelf. It is immediately under the brake light, but appears to terminate at a metal finger-like connector that doesn't seem to go anywhere else. The loom wiring also looks to contain more than two wires as it is relatively bulky. It has me stumped at the moment.
  3. Yes - thanks. I assumed that a forum member would already have "been there done that" and save me a pocket full of dollars by giving me a heads up on the fix. But that doesn't appear to be the case.
  4. Hi, I own a 2013 Aurion and am seeking advice on connecting the wiring for an aftermarket rear spoiler. Would someone please tell me how/where to connect the spoiler's LED brake light into the car wiring? I have been told by a friend that I should not splice into the existing taillight wire(s) as to do so will overload the wiring. I assume that ideally, the best way would be to connect to the existing high level brake light - a bundle of wires appear to come/go to the high level light, but I know next to nothing about electrickery so some guidance as to the best method of connecting the spoiler brake light would be much appreciated. Regards,
  5. Hi AJ, Yes, on 2013 models the bulb holder is mated to a long plastic housing (like a finger) - no doubt intended to make removal and installation easy. The handbook instructs you reach in from the engine bay and twist the assembly anticlockwise to remove the parker from the light. Works a treat on removal, but the limited amount of room on the drivers side has stumped me so far. There is some brake or steering tubing - not sure which - routed near the rear of the drivers side parker. Notwithstanding the long holder that is supposed to facilitate removal/installation, the drivers side is very tight on room and is done by "feel". I've been able to reinsert the drivers side parker into the housing but cant click it into place. Thus my enquiry as to whether there was a specific technique to getting it done. Maybe I will have to leave it to the dealer to do during the first service in August. Paul
  6. Hi, I purchased a new Prodigy in Dec 2013 and love it . Recently bought a pair of led globes to fit to the parkers - but can't refit the drivers side park light. The handbook says to twist anticlockwise to remove and clockwise to replace. After moving the battery to make some room, the passengers side went OK, but I can't get the drivers side to lock in. There is not enough room. Is it just my ham fists or is there a trick to it? Any help appreciated. Regards, Paul
  7. We took delivery of our first Toyota - a new 2013 Aurion Prodigy - in December and very happy with it. It drives beautifully and seems like a great car. Looking forward to the hints and tips contained on this forum. Regards, Paulcnb