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  1. Hi all, Got a '93 WRC Trophy ST184R and the engine as just started making some pretty bad sounds. Here's the symptoms: Sound only happens when engine is hot. When warming up the engine, sound will be only present above 4,000RPM. When engine is hot, Sound will be present all the way down to 1,200RPM. Sound only present when there is combustion in Cylinder 1. (Disconnecting the spark lead stops the sound) See Video: This video shows the engine after warm up, I rev the motor and disconnect/reconnect Spark Lead 1. - the sound only occurs when lead connected to cylinder 1. Help in diagnosis is requested. So far, a mechanic looked at it for 2 seconds, pulled the lead and said "It's the Piston" Another person has said "Engine is totaled" and another recons there's something wrong with the spark lead or injector (I don't see how) Extra Info: No Exhaust Smoke. Radiator is Green and Clean. Oil is good, Replaced 5,000km ago has no signs of metal filings. Car has done 359,000KM and has always been serviced on time.
  2. Saw the Jag at today's event. Confirmed its an 89, and its plates are purple on white, slimline, NSW Historic vehicle plates. So I don't know how he's done it. Unless H rego can be transferred between States, as he WAS previously in a Victorian club.
  3. Did they update the regulations since last year? I have last year's regulations, (i think they are, its whatever the Club Secretary gave me) which is showing me 25 years. And the club secretary already has his Jaguar on H plates, and it's an '89.... Then again, he is the club registration officer.
  4. Well, no specific number, that's a bummer. As it's only about 3 years from becoming a classic vehicle. (And able to be registered on Historic registration) This one already appears at Classic car shows hosted and attended by the Southern Riverina Vehicle and Machinery Club. ( www.srvmc.com ) But even so, the fact that (assumed) there was less with the WRC pack than the standard SX does put the car in the Special Interest category at car shows anyway.
  5. I know it's an FF, 5S-FE. What i'm looking for is How Many of this specific model were made. (In a number) Regardless of model and such, all brands keep track on how many vehicles they make. so it shouldn't be this hard to find out.
  6. I did some googling, and have been unable to come up with a number on how many of the ST184R Celica "WRC Trophy Edition" were built. I know it came with the works, See PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3x2Uh7JTgf_TGI1cThlcEFOVHM/view?usp=sharing As the above PDF says, it is a special build to celebrate the Celica winning the WRC., but it does not say how many of this "special build" they made. any ideas?
  7. Greetings. DazzaJay here, just signed up. My partner is the proud owner of a 1993 ST184R Toyota Celica WRC Trophy Edition. she picked it up a few days ago for a good price. Here's her Celica, next to my Daihatsu. Found in the glovebox some of the original sales material for the WRC edition in rather good quality, and the last page has the tech specs. So i've scanned it into a PDF. Here it is if you want to check it out: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3x2Uh7JTgf_TGI1cThlcEFOVHM/view?usp=sharing On a different note, i had a chuckle when i was signing up... arrows point to what i noticed on the signup form.

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