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  1. Hi Campbeam Thanks for your feedback🤝, Yes, I was thinking about the latest Aurion too, but it's not equiped with the most advanced Toyota Safty Sense, I guess this may do a great job especially when my son starts to practice driving (newbie with V6 may cause more speeding tickets?😏). But I'll definitly compare both car interms of driving and cost to own. will update later.
  2. Dear all Camry owners, I just sold my 2009 Aurion MY10 ATX (with 175,000kms on the clock, $7000 quick sell), I know, I gave up the V6 for a I4 is knid of nut, but the new camry is equiped with loads of safety driving assistance functions, (it's for my wife and my son is going to start to learn driving), the ATX Aurion don't even equiped with rear park sensor or parking camra.... I searched on carsales and realized that Toyota starts to offer 5 year warranty starting Jan 2019 ( that makes the new 2018 model owners bad I guess). Since I'm not a CVT guy and we mainly use it for hi
  3. I'm pretty sure, your 2012 kluger can run another 100,000km without any issue. I believe that's why we choose Toyota. and Yes, I did spend a lot time on youtube following US market feedback on new klugers, especially the new 2021 Hybrid model, let's wait and see
  4. Hi All Registered in 2015, just realized I'm missing this part . I used to own a 2009 KXR Kluger ( AWD) which is sold by Xmas 2019 (10 years with 150k odo) and currently a 2009 Aurion ATX (10 years with 175k odo), really love these 2 cars, big fan of Toyota quality. Looking forward to the new 2020 Camry (fancier ) and 2021 kluger (traditional AWD VS Hybrid?), thanks in advance for all knowledge and experience sharing from you guys!
  5. Thanks mate for following this topic, as you may know that this issue has been resoved be disconnecting and reconnecting the battery (reset the radio)...haha 🙂 And you must know by now (from another topic) I've sold my 2009 KXR before Xmas 2019. I had a 2009 Kluger and 2009 Aurion, before covid19 lockdown, I'm thinking of buy 2021 Kluger and 2020 Camry (bigger and fancier than 2009 Aurion), fingers crossed... I love this forum since I found it here, I can get all the information I need from your guys, catch up soon...
  6. Good on you, you made clever choice. I just sold my Series 2 (2009 KXR) Dec 2019 , regreted already.
  7. you are right, but Toyota Granvia is too big and the configuration is not designed to address Assie requirement. the only good part is the Diesel Engine. our market do need something to compete Kia Carnical and Honda Odyssey in terms of size and power.
  8. recently checked on youtube about the new 2020 Sienna, it's a beauty, but only available in US, Toyota Australia should make it for us as well!!!
  9. Hi guys, do you have any idea about new 2021 model kluger which is on TNGA platform? I checked US market input (mostly youtube reviews), it has different drive trains (different AWD mode), anyone know when and what we are going to get 2021? looking forward to it.
  10. Hi all kluger owners to this topic I finally resolved this issues by disconnecting the battery and get reconnect, then it's been reset. and good as always. hope this may help your issues.
  11. Hi, all, my kluger 's CD doesn't working 2 days ago, can't platy back CD music, can't even eject any CDs, there are 2 yellow light blinking on both side of CD slot. did anyone of you have this issue before? how can resolve it? does it have anything with battery? my battery went flat 2 days ago ( playing blue tooth streaming while ignition is @ "ACC") thanks in advance! MG

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