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  1. Finally got my hands on a Supra. Heard glass headlights are great and was wondering if these are worth it and if its $620 for the two or just one? http://www.originalmotorsports.com/products/clear-glass-headlight-lenses-for-jza80-supra cheers
  2. Supra ads in general I mean. What to look out for and stuff.
  3. Yeah cheers that's solid advice but I can afford the fuel, saved up quite a bit. Any tips on the add though?
  4. Jeez, insurance is not kind at my age thats for sure.
  5. How much do you reckon I'll be looking at mate?
  6. For a non turbo? For sure. Not gonna even worry about a turbo/TT supra because i can't drive one anyway
  7. Hi guys! Thanks for reading in advance! Have always had a thirst for a supra all my life and am looking to finally buy one. Am 17 that's just started my green P's and need know what to look for in the ads in terms Mileage, potential problems and all that. Am not able to by an Turbo/TT because I am still on my P's but am thinking is it really worth it in terms of fuel consumption coupled with not being into races/drags and being mostly into modding the cosmetic side because I like to turn heads? My budget is 10-20k, and am preferably looking for a clean 2JZ JZA80, looked after, stock/close to it ( wouldn't mind a few small performance mods) , latest of non turbo models. Planning to mod the cosmetic side mostly so what things should I be looking out for in the ads? Thanks for your time! :)