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  1. Ha Ya, had a power steering leek 12 months ago , bought a new pump all good, done around 20,000km (has 183,000 on clock) now its using heaps of fluid half a litre aevery two weeks , BUT no leaks , and power steering boots NOT full of oil, where is the oil going?? (2005 D4D motor maunel, 4wd)
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    I have a 2005 hillux 4x4 diesel dual cab , 165000km on clock , went away the other week and after 3hrs the engine wouldn't rev over about 2500rpm, and orange engine light come on ,(Safe mode) couldn't stop so i kept driving another half hour until I got to my destination , So temperature gauge ok , water level little bit low, but not too low spent , so i release the screw on top of radiator , to let pressure out , then spent the day riding the motor bikes, then had to drive half hour, car didn't miss a beat! Next morning drove half hour , than rode moto again , packed up a and left to go hom
  3. I have a 2005 hilux d4d , the steering is really hard when the car is in low revs, so you have to to increase revs so to turn, fluid is dirty so I removed and flushed it twice , drove car still no good , I was told there is a filler somewhere that may need cleaning?? I am considering buying a new power steering pump? Any advice would be great!👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Got a 2005 diesel hilux losing power steering fluild , Not sure where its coming out from , 150kms on clock and doing timing belt and water pump next week!

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