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  1. Hey guys Thought to give you an updated, I visited Pedders suspension payed the $28 and everything looked good !! In fact, they mentioned the following two issues: 1- Lower Control Arm: Bushes torn and replacement required. The gentleman mentioned those would not cause the issue, your thoughts? 2- He thinks that the tires are not perfectly round. I know that the issue pre-existed before I replaced the tires, however it is sort of more obvious after the tire replacement. Went back to the tire shop and they checked them, done another wheel balance and no issues found. I am totally lost now with little to no experience in car mechanics, I am not sure which direction I should follow. I don't want to spend a lot of money on those bushes or the struts and then, I would still find the issue. One note though, a friend of mine drove the car for a bit, and he said it seems to him as if the tires have a groove as the bouncing follows a standard pattern. Now we know (sort of) that the tires and struts are okay, what would be the next thing causing this? could it be the spindle itself?
  2. Thanks guys You mentioned the front passenger strut, this is the same one which Toyota said worn at 44%, while the driver side was at like 76%. If there any well known mechanic specializes in shocks/struts? Toyota wants to charge $1,400 for replacing both of them. So although my mechanic mentioned they are in good condition, do you still believe that this is likely the issue? Appreciate your help.
  3. Hi Camry owners I have a 2012 Camry Altise, I feel it is mildly bouncing. Like after a long trip you can feel a bit sick. Toyota indicated that one of the front shocks is at 50% and require replacement, however my mechanic (among others) can't feel it and he said that the shocks are perfectly fine and usually they replace those at 200K while my car barely has 50K on it. Tyres replaced and they are brand new. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot