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  1. I just came from the Whirpool forums and they pretty much put the camry on blast saying its boring and to not waste any money on it. i was pretty offended haha I love my car so
  2. I know its Camry so im not looking for racing wheels. Im more wanting stylish black wheel to contrast the pearl white color. If you know the Atara SL its the luxury model of Camry and looks decent. Here is the link to the other wheels if you guys wanted to recommend something else http://wheels.jaxtyres.com.au/VehicleSearch.aspx?mnid=56&myr=2012&mdid=1&vid=50276&dim=18
  3. Hey guys wanting to upgrade my stock 17" wheels on my Toyota Camry Atart SL – Pearl White I cant decide between these 2 black wheels 18" so just curious for your guys opinions. Im going for the black and white theme. Advanti Caesar – Gloss https://www.jaxtyres.com.au/wheels/brands/advanti/caesar-gloss-black-edge-polish ROH Korsa – Matte https://www.jaxtyres.com.au/wheels/brands/roh/korsa-matt-black Thanks! :]

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