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  1. 2011 ATX Fog light instal

    Hey Campbeam, I installed a relay on the glove box according to the forums I've read here before as well as a stock fog switch. I think the problem could be with the switch. Welcome to any thoughts/ opinions though. Cheers
  2. 2011 ATX Fog light instal

    No haven't checked the new fog switch but I'll try and organise with a friend to do that. Out of curiosity, how would you do that?
  3. 2011 ATX Fog light instal

    Not sure what but I'll check the switch. Ay chance you could confirm location of the relay? Thanks. Also was going throughthe forum and saw this: Let me know if you have any info please. Cheers
  4. 2011 ATX Fog light instal

    Haven't checked the power from the fog switch so I will, but the connections on it are the same as the previous switch(atx switch without fog) and everything else works well. All the same I'll double check. From the relay side of things, there is the 12V but no trigger for it when I switch on the fog light while on parking lights. Which then means either I got the wrong location for the relay or a burnt fuse or the fog switch not working. Checked the fuse - all good so am not sure wha
  5. Newbie

    Hey guys, new to the forum, got a 2011 ATX aurion. Had it a for a while but ready to play around with it now.. Hoping to land some cool tips. Cheers
  6. Hey guys, new to the group but happy to have used the forum for references. I just bought and already fitted in a set of fog lights I got off ebay. They fit well and I plugged them straight into the factory harness that was there, managed to instal a relay from Autobarn behind the glove box and a friend helped fit the stock fog indicator off a touring aurion that I bought off the wreckers. According to what I've been reading here, that should have done it but nothings happening. Where could I have gone wrong? Cheers.