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  1. Camshaft has come apart

    If anyone ever comes across a similar issue in the future, it is possible to remove the camshafts on this car without removing the engine: I decided against this route, new timing gear for the one camshaft was $430. I'm not really interested in spending that on top of what I would need to spend time and money wise to restore the engine.
  2. Camshaft has come apart

    Yeah, thanks, sure does look that way.
  3. Camshaft has come apart

    Thanks, that's awesome. Looks like it's engine out, if I pull the engine I'm just going to be putting a wrecker engine in.
  4. Camshaft has come apart

    Sorry also forgot - yes head is marked sadly, not as badly as the cover however - think the cover is a softer alloy.
  5. Camshaft has come apart

    Is there anyway to remove the exhaust cam without removing the timing chain cover. Can the chain between the cams be broken and rejoined (like a bike chain can)?
  6. Camshaft has come apart

    Thanks, the whole cam didn't shift, the camshaft timing gear assembly actually came apart, the area circled had popped out, in the photo I had already "repaired" it. However you are right, looks like I need a whole new gear assembly, so that's cam out. Yeah the valve cover is stuffed, I'll need a new one and I'll need some way to check if the same has happened in the rear bank. At this point I'm just tempted to seek out a good wrecker motor, this thing hasn't been looked after at all.
  7. I don't know what part of the camshaft this is called (circled in first image - maybe someone can tell me) but the cover over the spring at the front of motor on the end of the camshaft had come away and machined the mark in the valve cover circled in the second photo. This is on the camshaft closest to the front of the car. Basically I was pulling the valve cover off because all the baffles were blocked and the car was smoking - thing filled a big catch can (500ml) on the PCV hose in about 400 km on the highway. The car is off the road for now because I am waiting on a water pump (mine has a leak). The car sometimes, maybe one in 20 morning starts has the VVTI rattle. I was wondering if this could of knocked this piece out of of place. I was able to pry it back (also nudged it with a block of wood and mallet) but I think it's probably just going to come away again, I did drive it for 20 km and it's stayed in place so far. Anyway to fix this permanently without taking the chain off? Any help/advice would be great!