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  1. Hi, I just purchased a new SR5 diesel and have noticed that the fuel range on the computer is way out. It keeps giving me me ranges of 650kms to 700kms but I know that car can do way more kms than that. On the weekend we drove to Mount Gambier and back to Melbourne and got 754km out of one tank and the range was down to 0kms. I knew it still had fuel in it as the yellow low fuel light had just come on and the manuel says when that comes on the car has 12 litres left in the tank and the usage was 10L per 100KM. So technically I should have had just over 100kms left. When I filled it up I could only get 67 litres in it and the fuel tank has a capacity of 80 litres. I know they have a safety's built into the cars so that you don't run out of fuel but this seems way off. Anybody else noticed this? Cheers Steve