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  1. Please help for new hilux SR dual cab problem.

    Thanks a lot for your explanation. Maybe my tank always reserves 20L petrol.
  2. Please help for new hilux SR dual cab problem.

    @trentmeyer23 Thanks for your explanation. Today just filled the tank with 61L, when the range is 0, and the gauges is empty. Once the tank is full, the range shows 660km So, my tank volume is about 61L + 12L = 73L, Brayboy post Brayboy said in the post his SR5 could fill in 67L. 67+12 = 79L very close to 80L . He said his SR5 could fill in 67L. 67+12 = 79L very close to 80L . My fuel tank capacity is only 73L, 7L less than normal. could you please give any explanation.
  3. Hi all, I just bought a new SR dual cab 2.8 diesel. Everything good, but there are two problems: - fuel tank size: it says 80L. But when the range showed only 40km, I went to petrol station to fill in, it was full with 59L diesel. dealer explanation: fuel consumption will be higher while engine is still settling in. range is only a rough estimate and may be off a bit especially while car is new. when the fuel gauge is on "0" (empty) guest has 12L reserve to get to a fuel station. When I picked the car, the km gauge was: 38km. It was 538km when I went to petrol station to fill petrol. So roughly the fuel consumption is: 59L/5.38=10.9L/100km. the tank actual size = 40km*10.9L/100km + 12L + 59L = 75.36L < 80L But question is: Is this normal? - whistle noise: When I drive over 50km/h, (haven't tested on free way with 100km over/h), there is whistle noise, like boiled water in kettle. dealer explanation: this noise is normal while vents are open to fresh, to avoid noise, adjust vents to recirc to avoid whistling noise. I asked the service guy if they had test drive for this problem, they said yes. But after, when I drive on the road, even I close the vent, turn off the fan and aircon, the whistle noise is still there. What problem may it be? Any suggestion give to me please? Thanks, Stanley
  4. Hi from new member

    Hi all, Just bought 2017 hilux sr dual cab and want to learn some experience here. Cheers, Stanley