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  1. Hi Gary, Thanks for the quick response. I agree with the hose facing away from the belts. I will fit it the other way around, thank you
  2. Hi Everyone, I working on a 98 3.0 Ltr Hilux thats had the Vacuum hose missing for quite a while. Decided to replace but not sure of the orientation of the hose on the bottom of the vacuum pump. There is a lug and only one flat spot on the bottom of the pump but the orientation of the hose does not look correct (see picture). But when looking at the attached exploded diagram it looks as though the locating lug goes on the rounded part of the pump and the hose should be turned around 180. Has anyone got a pic or can help regarding the correct fitting to the vacuum pump? Looks to me like the exploded diagram is the correct way to fit the hose. Thank You