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  1. Thanks Campbean Yes I too as well consider power weight but torque weight also. I think a balance between both is needed. If power is way more than torque then the engine has to scream to go anywhere, like a hill getting up the hill power rpm has to get it up the hill, in that case. As with the other cars mentioned where their max torque is much lower about 3000 rpm then after that you need power to keep it going faster. But torque if strong enough wont need any more power to help when your not deliberately reving it. Hence my query about low mid torque in the Aurion. Having it's max torque way up high and wondering if the car is replying on power down low/mid or does the torque carry the car without the need to rev until way up high where the power and ability to rev takes over in the keeping the revs high as in racing style. Yes I like to play in the revs when playing racer, but also like cruising along and not having to worry about gear selection (if it was a manual) and the torque can push the car over the average hill without switching down and reving it's head off. When comparing the power torque weight ratio of the Aurion and Falcon they are quite similar.
  2. Thanks everyone for replying. Sounds like the other camps are exagerating the lack of low mid range toque. So there is no dead spot through the rev range like the 4 cyclinders? Just surprising it can have all that torque from 0 to 4600 ropm.
  3. Hi all Any one got one and maybe for the 2012 onwards 2.5 Camry as well? I'm thinking about getting an Aurion but some camps say it lacks torque down low/mid range. So I want to see for myself how it runs up with the power curve. I'm also interested because its peak torque doesn't hit till 4500 RPM where the 3.0 Omega and SV6 low at 2900 RPM and the Falcon at 3400 RPM. Surprisingly high. Does the Aurion feel like a 4 cylinder down low where the normal 4 cylinders nothing happens until around 3000/4000 RPM and then they take off.? Cheers Rudi
  4. I sat it under the pedal while it was parked.and resting left foot against firewall and on side of the tunnel. Mm maybe it was already pressed down?? Id better have another sit in one and including the Optima.
  5. Thanks to you both for your replies. I will have to try it for a bit longer After literally squeezing my foot under the Optima foot pedal I thought **** that will hurt in quick time not being able to move my foot. I saw the Aurion had the same thing. I made an assumption. they would be the same. Cheers
  6. Hi all I'm new here so of course I have to ask a weird question. Want to get an Aurion but. The foot park brake. I hate them, a lot. Mind you the one in the Hyundai Optima is much worse. Once my foot is under it on the foot rest area I can 't move my foot. And I have average sized foot. What I want to know is Is the foot brake pedal operated via a on/off electrical switch or a hydraulic switch? I am thinking maybe get rid of it and put a switch on the dash somewhere close to the steering wheel. Then it would be much more comfortable. Told you it was weird. Cheers Jiro