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  1. Just an update. Tranny now shifting normally. Not flaring or anything. I’ll still get the tech guy to have a look when the car is in for it’s next service, but so far so good. I was barely driving it during lockdown so maybe that’s why.
  2. Well, car is booked in on the 30th of December, which is the earliest I could get in. I read something on the Lexus forums which was similar to my problem. The guy had an issue with shift patterns in his ES350 with the u660e trans. Service tech adviser just told him to be a bit heavier on the throttle and it should adjust and re-learn. so I went on a bit of a drive yesterday and was a bit harsher on the throttle. And what do ya know? Something kinda clicked (not physically) on the way back, and the shift patterns altered and stopped doing that weird fluctuation after each change. T
  3. Yeah exactly. And yeah I hope so. I’m gonna book it in for an early service and ask them to check it out. I’ll explain the issue just as I have here. The car is still doing it, so I’m not too happy at this stage. It’s not serious but it’s clearly annoying. When I drive the car away from home in the morning, nice snappy gear changes until operating temp, then it starts to get sluggish for some reason. If they can fix it, cool. If not, the 2021 Camry V6 is tempting, but I’ve heard even worse things about that 8-speed.....
  4. Warranty ends in Jan. I plan on jumping on this straight after exams. Just went for a longish drive and it performed ok with smooth changes and none of that funny business. Hopefully a reset will fix it. I baby the thing, so it’s not flogged either. Can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve pushed it above 4 grand haha.
  5. This definitely seems plausible. I’m aware that most issues are worse when the car is cold so I was sceptical about it being a fluid issue. I had a feeling it was something more electrical. Thanks mate. I’ll describe the problem to the dealer just like I have here and hopefully they’ll be able to fix it.
  6. Thanks for the replied everyone It happens when the car is warm. No issues when the car is cold and getting up to operating temp. Car is still under warranty.
  7. Hi guys, I’m going to see Toyota about this but thought I’d ask it here anyway and I’ll explain it as best as I can. 2017 Sportivo with 26k on the clock. Has been taken care of very well. Just recently I noticed the transmission behaving differently when the car warms up. I always let the car warm up a little bit before I set off from a cold start. The shifts are short, snappy and smooth, just like they’re supposed to be. However, when the car has been at operating temperature a little bit, the transmission starts behaving a bit sluggish, especially between 3/4 and 4/5, mai
  8. Hi Guys, Been posting here for a little while without actually introducing myself. Purchased the car in Feb 2019 with 16,000kms on it. Got 23,000 now. Love it so far.
  9. Thanks guys, will do. I’ll post some pics of the car in the new members subforum
  10. Update: they put the car up and inspected the front end. Also took it for a drive and found nothing wrong. I’ll be definitely getting new tyres
  11. Gday mate I don’t believe I’ve posted in the intro subforum. I will make sure to do that! Thanks for the welcome. and yet another recommendation for Michelin! Bridgestone is truly rubbish. I can’t even take it about 2.5k rpm off the line without the thing wanting to tramp. It’s especially bad in the wet. I looked at my tyres and they do look like old rubber. Dealer is looking at the front end currently just to double check everything is ok. One thing I did remind myself of is that police used to use Aurion’s in NSW. They would’ve had plenty of axle tramp/wheel hop while us
  12. Yeah a few in the Aurion group in Facebook have recommended Michelin. I’m inclined not to go for Bridgestone again if it ends up doing what it’s doing now. drove it to the dealer just now and I’m currently waiting. I listened for noises and anything abnormal on the drive here. Car was completely smooth and nothing out of the ordinary sounds/movements. The FWD setup with 200kw is really the Achilles heel of the car. It would’ve sold like hot cakes if it was RWD. Next car is 100% gonna be a RWD Lexus, although I plan on keeping the Aurion as long as it lasts.
  13. Yep. Just called them. I’m going in today and they said they’d put the car up and have a look + scan it for anything. I’m sure it’s nothing, but I’ll be getting some new tyres after this I think. It’s happened 2 times in the past 2 weeks in the wet.
  14. I don’t think I’m driving too hard. I didn’t even go past 2.5k rpm. I could’ve sworn the eco light was still on while it was doing it. There must’ve been oil on the road or something. The dealer did mention about my tyres starting to show noticeable wear at the most recent service as well. I think I’ll get them to have a look at it just for peace of mind. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I broke something.
  15. My tyres are fitted from factory (2017 Aurion). They’re wearing but nowhere near fully worn. They’re Bridgestone Turanzas and I don’t have any problem apart from that one stretch of road. It’s quite uneven through the intersection off the lights and basically all the cases of axle tramp (3-4 times since owning it) have occurred at that same spot. with that noise, does that mean my tranny is stuffed now? It happened as I backed off the throttle. Car drove perfectly fine the rest of the way home.

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