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  1. Thanks for both replies, have been ringing around, scarce as hens teeth for now, have rung mechanics and they all say no to auto lokkers, never done them, have to travel to Perth to get it done and they only do e lockers or air Will stick to chicken tracks lol, only wanted them for my Son and Son in Law to go down South with the Grand daughter, so they never get stuck Cheers Mate
  2. Hi, to anyone passing by My Lux has an ally roo bar which doesn't appear to take a winch, have ordered a plate, hope it works What I want to ask other 1997 owners is recovery points front and rear, where have you placed them and where did you get them from? all a just in case, I won't be doing any serious off roading but am trying to make the rig safe when my Son and Son inlaw with our 10 yr old grand daughter go to the beaches etc in WA;s South West around Pemberton and Margaret River or down to White Hills, spine is kaput so want them to do what I no longer can. Have been looking everywhere to get someone to fit front auto lokker but no-one knows how. Just a basic Lux, nothing special, am slowly, very slowly lol, getting it ready, sidesteps, am looking to put a roof top cage on top of my Rhino racks, yet to be put on, same as a draw system so they can pack gear easily Cheers if anyone knows where and how to attach recovery points, would love an ARB winch bar, but way way way out of my pension could permit
  3. Hi all, just looking for answers and support for my LN167R Hilux dual cab got the 3.0 motor which is great as my old Hilux had the 2.2 and it was horrendous until I had it swapped for a Holden Red