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  1. I've done my own research & got some f'back from a Melbourne car audio installer that yes, there is some potential to upgrade the audio system in this model. Bad news/good news. The bad news is the factory infotainment unit can't be ugpraded. The good news is that firstly, Toyota advise me they're adding Apple CarPlay around November via a firmware update for existing vehicles, and standard on new vehicles sold thereafter. Secondly, my car audio installer advised I can use my current Focal Utopia 165W-RC passive front splits & Alpine MRVF-545 amp. He also said I can use some good 6.5" coaxial speakers in the rear, sound deadening in the doors, and in lieu of an aftermarket head unit - use an Audison Bit Ten digital processor (see pic below). It has a very impressive suite of features & is a God send really. I'm still mulling over rear speaker options, cable kit & choice of sound deadening material though. So if you have any suggestions, fire away!
  2. Hello all, I would like to ask the community what if any options there are to upgrade the audio system in the current model Camry? If I were to upgrade anything (eg: speakers, amplifier etc), I'd do it as a 'stealth' install (eg: speakers which fit the factory openings). Does anyone know if the factory head/Infotainment unit be upgraded with a flagship Double din SatNav unit from Kenwood or Alpine? My car audio advisor said he personally is not aware of any high quality aftermarket faceplate kits for a doube dine hu as the model is still new. Apropos that, he said he was unsure if the car's factory head unit was compatible with a 4-channel Alpine amplifier? So i'm not sure what upgrade options there are. Also, can anyone recommend a car audio installer in Melbourne who does good work on Toyota's? Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  3. Hi folks, As my thread title eluded to, I'm a long-time Toyota owner & have owned a 1996 Camry CSI which was a very reliable car, and currently own a 2010 Camry Touring Edition in silver. I'm planning on ordering a 2019 Camry SL Hybrid in the near future & have a question or two about that i'll post in a separate thread. Further back, I owned a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 which I had modded for club sprint use by Beninca Motors & Alfpa repairs in Melbourne, and had the opportunity to do advanced driver training & track days at Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit, Winton & Rob Roy. Though I don't punt a car around anymore, It was good to learn advanced driving from drivers like Dominic Beninca and Hugh Harrison. Cheers.