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  1. Yeah that helps a lot mate, another question, notice any difference when driving it, Was it worth it and do you move around substantially less?
  2. So I’m looking at swapping a wrecked ZR6’s leather front seats into my 2011 Touring. But the drivers seat is electric and the passenger seat is manual, and both the sportivo seats are electric. im just wondering if Toyota left the wiring loom in the car somewhere because they al use the GSV40 chassis, or if Its possible to splice off the drivers seat?
  3. What sportsryders did you get, i was looking on their website and theres multiple choices and none really give any information on what the differences are
  4. Ok so, i recently got a 2011 Aurion Touring, and i'm bloody in love with it. The power is great, the smoothness of the gearbox, and the comfort that it offers. Buttttt there's a tad of an issue. I was driving with a few of my mates up a windy mountain road, and the speed limit was 80km/h, all of them in their almost weightless FWD Integra's, Civics and even Celica's were taking the corners which were fairly tight and bendy mind you, at around 80k's an hour. Me in the aurion was barely able to go around them at 70km/h which was the recommended speed around the corners so the signs say. Anyway thats the backstory to why im asking this question. The Ultra Racing 19mm Rear Sway Bar upgrade seems to be the recommended first upgrade for handling to any of the GSV40R chassis. and i was just wondering if anyones had experience with it and how it affected the other aspects of normal everyday driving VS when you want to have a little fun in the corners. Because while i would love the decrease in body roll that the bar offers, if it affects the rest of the car in everyday commutes and stuff i think id rather steer clear, but if theres no drawbacks then im all for it. Cheers https://ultraracingaustralia.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=144&product_id=675

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