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  1. Hi, Just joined after buying a 2005 Rav4 with 1AZ-FE engine ( 16 valve VVT-I ) for my daughter. Engine has 120,000 KM Going through a service and checked the valve clearances . 4 of the intake valve gaps ( 2 cylinders) are at the limit of .29mm and I am wondering if I should pull the cams off to replace those buckets while I have it opened up. Dreading finding issues with re-setting the cam timing after removing the cams as I don't think I could tilt the camshaft up enough to remove the buckets while the chain is still on the end. My question is ; Does anyone know if the valves seat in with age , therefore closing up the gaps or does the reverse happen and I will have to change the 4 buckets to those valves? All of the exhaust side and remaining intake are in tolerance and there is no tappet noise, cold or hot. I tend to think that the valves would seat deeper with wear, thereby closing the gap. The gaps would also close as engine temperature increases, I think. Happy to be corrected by advice from far better people.