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  1. Hey guys, New to the forum. A few months back i picked up a 2017 Aurion Sportivo with around 95k on it. Happy with what i paid. It is ex QLD police, was stationed out near Kingaroy, QLD. All the servicing was done by the Toyota dealer out there with the major 90k service done before i got the vehicle. I drove multiple ex QLD Gov't fleet vehicles and this one by far drove the best out of them, i figured being country based it probably racked up more km's on highways compared to the city based cars. Since owning i have had my mechanic change out the gearbox oil and i have dropped the engine oil twice to give it a good flush out. Just recently however it has developed a very slight knock in the steering when turning left at slow speed (not when turning right), no audible noise but you can feel the feedback through the steering wheel. It is very minor at this stage. I have read there was issues with the intermediate steering shaft on some of the earlier Aurions.... has anybody with a GSV50R Aurion also experienced this issue? or should i also be looking at lower ball joints, sway bar bushes, sway bar links? Keen to hear other peoples experience as i'm not very familiar with the Aurion and their issues? Thanks