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  1. @Tony Prodigy , @campbeam, Thanks a lot for your advice. Also, appreciate the error code list. Will ask my mechanic to check.
  2. Hi All, Anyway i can get more information about error code U0120? My mechanic is a trusted guy has worked at mutiple dealship etc. But he doesnt know where to start looking to get this working. Can i go to Toyota for more info on the error code? Cheers, Miks
  3. Thanks, KAA. Planning to talk to SCA today. Will keep you updated.
  4. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time posting. I have MY13 Aurion Presara. I wanted to get my head unit replaced with one of the newer Android head unit. A while back I purchased a JVC head unit, along with Aerpro connectors to retain steer wheel controls, reverse video, antenna etc. I looked around and couldnt find anyone reliable on Air Tasker so decided to go to SCA for fitting the unit. I had also purchased all the other stuff from SCA, so all good. I go to SCA - Blacktown to get this fitted. SCA uses contractors for such jobs. Lets call this guy, Andy. I meet him and he looks at

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