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  1. Thanks man was there a noticeable difference in shifter feel?
  2. Awesome thanks man. Was their a noticeable difference in shifter feel?
  3. Hey guys, am after a set of standard Corolla sportivo wheels and either standard good condition springs and struts or aftermarket set up or coilovers. also am open to any one selling any 4 x 100 wheels show me what you got. based in QLD. thanks
  4. I believe the bushes are really hard to get due to old age which is needed to measure them. so i was only going to do this if necessary as I need the car to get to work and don’t want to take the old ones out and put them back in. I was under the assumption that surely someone has done this mod and would know seems like one of the first things you would do.
  5. Hi there, I want to replace the shifter bushings. Can any one please tell me which set I would need considering it’s a 2003 Corolla Sportivo based in Australia. There are two links from Monkey wrench one for one size bushing for both and the other is for European models. The two bushings have a different diameter. I am assuming that someone on here has done this and bought this kit from Monkey wrench. I contacted them directly they thought it was the NON Euro model but were not 100%. if someone has done this and please let me know would be a big help. h

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